Best of Brighton Fringe 2018: Too Young to Stay In, Too Old to Go Out!

Nigel Osner returns to the Brighton Fringe and Sweet Venues, where he premieres his new show.  He takes a quizzical look at the challenges and occasional opportunities for those who can no longer claim, even to themselves, that they are young! He looks at dating, love, work, holidays – even the gym. There’s lots of humour but with a bitter sweet edge.

Nigel illustrates his theme with original songs and stories by male and female characters. These include the older man having a taxing night out in central London; a rich designer who falls for his hunky gardener; the woman driven mad by her companion on a river cruise down the Danube; and a fading movie star doing an endless tour just for the money.

Nigel has been described by the Scotsman as ‘tremendously talented and very entertaining’. Fringe Review called him ‘a multi-skilled performer’ and a ‘Hidden Gem.’  In 2017 Nigel was nominated for excellence in new writing by the Buxton Fringe for his previous show ‘Angel to vampire!’ He performed that show in last year’s Brighton Fringe.

Once a practising barrister, then with the Ministry of Justice, Nigel is happily engaged in a whole new career as a performer, actor, lyricist and writer.

Too Young to Stay In, Too Old to Go Out! comes to Sweet Werks 2 from 25 – 28 May.

For more information, visit Nigel’s website here.

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