FRINGE REVIEW: Brodi Snook: Babe

Vulgar, candid, and drier than a popcorn fart, Brighton’s favourite Australian import Brodi Snook took a break from her successful career as a foot model (read: selling photos of toes to foot perverts for cash) and having panic attacks in train station toilets to debut her solo show, Babe, at The Warren this week.

Filling the late night slot of 10.30pm, Snook may have been performing to more chairs than people, but this had no reflection on her ability to dish out some dark humour and cracking wit.

Alongside jibes about her hometown (a small Western Australian ‘city’ whose biggest attraction – the jetty – takes you two kilometres away from it is all you really need to know), to reasoning why she might be single, and how terrible dating is anyway, Snook is a joy to watch. She’s just too relatable. She masterfully turns jokes that fall flatter than others on their head; at her worst (and by worst we’d still say a solid 7), Brodi is self-deprecating and yet razor sharp. Even when she’s decimating the vast majority of the audience with jokes about cyclists and lazy Brightonians, it’s difficult not to like her – and we all know what she’s saying is true, anyway.

Brodi Snook has just one more show at Brighton Fringe this year – another late shift on Fri 18 May in The Warren’s Burrow from 10.30pm. Get yourself a ticket – you could do much worse than to spend 50 minutes with this Babe.

Tickets available here.


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