FRINGE REVIEW: Gingzilla: Glamonster VS The World

When Gingzilla first accosts you in the queue, you realise how small you are in comparison to the 7ft heeled heroine (if you are lucky this is not the first time you will be accosted by her this evening). She is not a monster like the title of the show might make you think. She is a young bearded drag queen coming of age in the world of the 50s, where advertisement sets the gender boundaries. As she is told how to look and how to act you see and feel her struggle with the world and this is when the monster is released.

Gingzilla is a perfect balance between traditional camp drag and modern hyper-stylised drag. She sings you songs (with a voice as smooth as her contour lines), she lip syncs (to a hilarious explosion of soundbites and music), she has countless outfit changes and multimedia interludes. For one drag queen performing on her own (apart from her hardworking crew) she really holds the show together.

You are in for a fun night as the shows anarchic and audience participating ethos really keeps you on your toes. But don’t try and sit at the back or in the middle to avoid her, as with her long legs she will reach you just as easily from there.

Gingzilla: Glamonster VS The World performs at The Warren on the 9, 26 & 27 May. For more details visit here.

By Alan Odgers

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