From luxury glamping to family camping, here are a few places to stay in Sussex

By Noor Sheikh

Summer is well on its way and we’re sure that we’ve compiled a decent list to get you into the camping mood. This guide is appropriate whether you’re a regular camper or new to the activity. Surrounded by the beautiful South Downs, Sussex is home to beautiful green areas. There’s no shortage of places to spend a couple of days.


First off, glamping. Still a relatively new addition to the world of camping, glamping gives you the best of both worlds. It offers a good dose of nature without removing you from the comfort of your day-to-day life. If it’s the bathroom and the kitchen, or lack thereof in a tent that you’re worried about, glamping might be for you. If you end up going on a muddy hike, at least you’ll have a hot shower to come back to.

The hosts at Sussex Flower Glamping will make sure you have everything you need. They are located in the picturesque South Downs National Park. We’d suggest that you bring along a small food shop at the least. Their breakfast hamper however will keep you covered for the morning. This includes fresh eggs, milk, and other breakfast staples. If an Airbnb style stay is what you want, Sussex Flower Glamping is perfect for a solo or couples’ getaway. It is coming in at around £80 per night. Granted, visitors may have to bring some kitchen staples for a longer stay. If you’re willing to leave isolation for an evening and take a short walk, you’ll be happy to find one of the comfortable local pubs. There’s dinner sorted – no cooking required! 

Hush Glider Camp is another option for a deluxe camping stay if you’re in the mood to splash out. You will find that their facilities focus on the nature surrounding it. Once again, a short walk will get you to a peaceful country pub. Or, even make an excursion to the beach before returning to your tent. It is a very secluded stay where you’ll be able to keep to yourself. Go for a hike or set up a picnic and admire the view either way. Bring along some of your favourite picnic essentials, or if you’re part of a regular camping duo, it may even be worth it to invest in some personalised gear. For example, enamel camping mugs from websites like Etsy from as cheap as £8 upwards.


For families and camping purists, there are plenty of sites in the area that take the term ‘campsite’ much more literally. If you’re the type to pitch your own tent, set up a campfire, sing songs and roast marshmallows, somewhere like Ouse Meadow Campsite might take your fancy. Why not even bring along a book of campfire songs so you’re not at a loss for evening entertainment? This is more of a family-style affair, so look forward to a lot of bonding in the presence of nature.

Ouse Meadow Campsite even has tents available for hire. Just in case the sheer thought of setting up camp with the kids is exhausting you already. They welcome dogs, so bring everyone along, and enjoy the beauty of Sheffield Park. If the campfire songs aren’t enough for you, you can even have a rainbow-coloured campfit to keep everyone occupied.


Sussex even has a few weekend festivals lined up for anyone who’s more interested in camping in a festive atmosphere. Love Supreme, a jazz festival in the South Downs (Glynde Place), has drawn people in for years. Standard Camping is the cheapest option, allowing you to choose the space where you set up camp with your own pitched tent, with a ‘quiet camping field’ option. Or check out the ‘supremium’ camping, glamping, and pre-pitched tents for other comfortable accommodation. 

Black Deer festival in nearby Kent is a celebration of Americana where 2023 will see The Pretenders headline. Again, choose between general camping, live-in vehicles, pre-pitched camping, or even ‘fancy camping’. Fancy camping offers luxury in your own private playground with exclusive facilities. 

Embrace the emancipation of festival living, or treat yourself to immersive premium packages. Don’t fancy the overnight stay? You can still buy day passes to Love Supreme, Black Deer, or even Pub in the Park in July. (Because we know camping isn’t for everyone. Save yoursef from wet wipe showers, portable toilets, and rewearing your rain-soaked clothes!)


Whether you’re planning on sitting in the sun for the day, or spending a week at one of these campsites, a Snugboy might come in handy, because it won’t have you struggling to lug your (not so compact) foldable chairs around. And while we’re on the topic of heavy luggage, dehydrated food might be worth a mention. Foodie or not, lightweight packets of dehydrated meals are not as unpleasant as you might think, and will definitely keep you satisfied throughout whichever camping holiday you pick. Regardless of whether you’re looking for family, couples or solo camping, Sussex is full to the brim with options, each of them offering so many different activities, it’s nearly impossible to get bored. 

Fancy travelling a little further? We love Glamping at East Thorne in Bude, Cornwall

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