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Fun Online Activities To Do With Your Friends

Looking for fun and creative ways to stay connected with your pals? Even if you’re far apart, it is easier now than ever before to stay connected, share a passion, or even discover a new hobby together. No matter what kind of entertainment or style of communication you prefer, there are all sorts of neat ways to meet up and have a great time together online. Here are a few ideas to suggest next time you’ve got a little time set aside to spend with a friend.

Play a game together

It seems like every day there are new games popping up online that offer accessible, unique, and highly entertaining gaming opportunities. Regardless of whether you have any video gaming background, you’ll be able to find seamless, easy-to-navigate platforms that will have you up and running in no time at all. Your imagination is truly the limit, so consult your friend and see what kind of online gaming experience might tickle their fancy. Do some digging and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find something you both can enjoy. Whether that’s trying your luck at goblin cave in the UK, rediscovering a beloved board game that has gone digital, or forming an alliance in one of the internet’s many multiplayer action games, you’ll get to enjoy each other’s company while challenging yourself to win.

Watch a film of television series together

There’s a reason why Netflix watch parties are all the rage. If watching films at home alone is becoming a bit dull, then spice it up by inviting some friends to join you. Once you’ve settled on something that everyone is eager to watch, you just need to make sure that you have the extension, that everyone has a valid account, and then you’re good to go. The best part is that the voice and video capacities are fully enabled, so you can laugh (or cry) along with your pals while you watch. It really is just like you’re on all one big comfy couch together.

Start a book club

If you’re looking for a reason to work a little extra reading time into your schedule, why not start an online book club? Even if you can’t get your hands on a hard copy, there’s so much digital material available (much of it for free) that there’s no way you’ll have a problem finding something that is easy to access and that you’re both keen to read. This is a good one to get several pals in on so that your discussion will always be lively and surprising. Take turns making the reading selection and guiding the conversation. It’s a good way to keep yourself, and each other, honest about your reading goals and to have something to talk about that is detached from your day to day life.

Challenge each other to get fit

If you miss hitting the gym with your pal, now is a great time to commit to an online fitness program together. There is so much great content available on the internet, so whether you want to dance, stretch, lift, or kickbox your way into shape, you’ll be able to find plenty of material to keep you going. Using the buddy system also helps make the whole thing a lot more fun and this way you know you always have support and someone to keep you accountable when the motivation is lagging. And if you decide to reward yourself with a piece of cake or glass of wine together over video chat post-workout – all the better.

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