Fun Things to Beat Long-Haul Flight Boredom During Travel

Planning for your next trip is exciting but the long-distance flights where you are cooped up can be boring, especially for those who don’t sleep well when traveling. With some destinations taking more than 12 hours, fun distractions could go a long way in making the journey tolerable. Here are several ideas that you can consider to keep you busy on your next long flight.


With the many hours, you have to yourself; you can take this time to evaluate your goals. Journaling is a great way to self-evaluate and improve, and there are a lot of things you can journal about. You can journal about what you expect in your current travel adventure, write about what scares you, and outline and evaluate your decisions. This is a great way to not only distress, but also give you time to reflect on the things you might have been taking for granted. It also allows you to change the trajectory of your mind-set and start appreciating the small things in life.

Play a Game

Another entertaining option is playing games especially if you are traveling with family or friends. While carrying board games can be cumbersome, a pack of cards such as UNO or gin rummy will work just fine. If you are traveling alone and the airline has Wi-Fi, you can opt to play online games. There are numerous fun games available at online casinos. These games include online slots, poker cards, table games, and live casino games. For recommendations of the best casinos where you can play these games either for free or for real money, check Here, you will find reviews of licensed and regulated online casinos with the best bonuses and a huge selection of games.

Watch TV Shows/Movies

Most airlines offer an impressive selection of in-flight entertainment such as movies and TV shows. If your plane has Wi-Fi, you can binge-watch your favourite TV shows on streaming sites. If the airline does not offer Wi-Fi, make sure to download your preferred content in advance, which you can watch offline. Apart from watching movies/ TV shows, you can also listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. With Wi-Fi, you can access entertaining content from platforms such as Spotify and Audible. TED Talks are also another great option.

Learn a Language

If you are touring a country where they use a different language, learning some of their basic words can be fun and could help you interact with the locals. One of the easiest ways to learn a new language fast is to download apps that add an element of gaming into your learning. Another effective way to power up language skills is to start with conversational phrases, idioms, and essential vocabulary.


Interacting with people on the plane is another incredible way to pass the time on long-haul flights. But before engaging a person, it is important to take note of their body language and tone of voice. Some people are not open to talking on a plane or interacting with new people, and that should be respected. If you are lucky to get chummy with your seatmate, it can turn the long journey into a fascinating experience as you engage in deep conversations. Interacting with your seatmates or flight attendants is another way of getting travel ideas. You can also get other incredible holiday destinations tips for your next trip at BN1 as well as resourceful travel guides.

Keep Your Hands Busy

You can unleash your creativity during long-haul flights with some fun and simple activities. Adult colouring is an engaging option that you can consider. Colouring art design will not only help pass the time but also help relieve stress. Other alternatives include crossword puzzles, sketching/drawing, and crocheting/knitting.

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