Fun things to do in Spring

It’s now actually light as you leave work (unless you work odd shifts, for which we can only apologise and sympathise), which is the first sign that Spring’s gentle warmth is almost upon us. As most of the UK crawls out from whatever space they’ve been hiding in, thoughts invariably turn to putting the extended daylight hours to good use. So! We’ve compiled a list of six effortlessly brilliant ways to engage your brain and body during springtime.


Brighton & Hove, more so than cities further inland, is blessed with a lot of wind-power. In fact, there’s loads of it. You can’t go more than 20 yards without feeling a firm gust. There’s also plenty of hills in the city and ample green spaces. This is fertile ground for kite flying – the ancient art of avoiding powerlines, whilst steering a table-sized piece of nylon through the air.

Around £25 will get you a pretty good example from Amazon. If you want some advice or want to get creative with your airborne hobby, get in contact with Brighton Kite Flyers. It’s no trouble to find a safe space to fly. There’s plenty of parks and hills with great transport links. In particular, Stanmer Park and Devils Dyke are two great locations on the edge of the city where you can get aloft with damaging you, yourself or your kite. Happy flying.


Easter is an indelible part of springtime, and for some reason exchanging chocolate eggs is an indelible part of Easter. Why not spend a little time learning how to make your own chocolate eggs? Moulds are easily available, as are all the equipment you need to decorate your cocoa creations. With a little bit of care and attention, you can learn to create some beautiful, hand-decorated chocolate eggs and be the envy of all your friend as they gift the same old generic versions again this year.


Not the most glamorous of suggestions. Yes, we get it. But tidy surroundings lead to good mental health. Spring is traditionally a good time to smash through the dust in your house mainly because you can have the windows open without perishing from the cold.

A clean out does not just apply to shifting the dirt either. You can go through all the clutter you’ve accumulated, offloading it down at a local charity shop or shifting it on auction sites. If you’re really reluctant to leave the house, there’s plenty of community Facebook groups where you can advertise unwanted items. That way, people will come to your house and collect your clutter – sometimes even paying you for the privilege. Win/win.


There’s no excuse not to be a clever gamer. Gambling Metropolis offers a wealth of information for anyone with an interest in online gambling. They’ve ranked a massive range off casinos to save you a lot of hassle, and the information doesn’t stop there. There’s in-depth expert advice on the effects on volatility on your playing style to compelling guides to strategies. They also have guides to the best slot games, casino bonus, the highest pay-outs and the freshest games on the internet. Alongside this, you find out the value of VIP games and see where the best are free spins are being offered, all on one handy website.


We all have gigabytes of image data now, loitering on old phones and crammed onto laptops. Why not spend an afternoon organising them all? One step further could be printing out the best images and popping them into some frames to scatter around your newly tidy house (see above). It’s perceived wisdom that most images are hardly looked at, especially when they’re tucked away on a hard drive. Get those memories out on show, so all your mates can enjoy them as well.


We’re not talking about those dodgy bands. We mean Brighton’s Fringe Festival in May, obviously. Take some time to look at the website for the largest arts festival in England. It can be a huge undertaking, so often people just ignore it and miss out on hundreds of amazing performances and happenings. With loads of free, or least very cheap, events there’s no excuse to avoid this incredible month of entertainment. So, get yourself a highlighter and copy of their brochure, along with a spreadsheet which can create calendar entries on your smartphone (if you’re being really organised and ambitious), and choose some shows!

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