Gabby Killick – Girlfriend From Hell returns to Caroline Of Brunswick

Returning to Brighton’s Caroline of Brunswick on Sat, 13 July  Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back see Gabby Killick build on the runaway success of her last Edinburgh Fringe show and offers a new series of life hacks on today’s dating and partying scene.

Setting out a unique insight into the mindset of today’s girls about town, Girlfriend From Hell offers useful advice on everything from how to end your love affair with Chardonnay to how to handle an anxious app threatened with deletion.

As a bonus extra, it also suggests guidance on the best flirty filters to use when you want your ex’s new girlfriend to clock how good you look, and top tips on how to walk when you’ve taken too much ketamine.

This fierce work exposes the pain and pleasure thrown up by the end of a relationship. While there might be heartbreak at the start, there is positivity to be found. Although this finely crafted and critically acclaimed show does coyly suggest it’s ‘never too early to start stalking your boyfriend…’

Gabby Killick’s Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back comes to Brighton’s Caroline Of Brunswick on Sat 13 July 2019

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