Gail’s Artisan Bakery Opens and Seeks Volunteers for Charity Work

The world-renowned Artisan Bakery Gail’s has set up shop in Hove at 157 Church Road. In collaboration with the opening they are launching a call to arms for local volunteers to help deliver excess bread and goodies to charities in Brighton and Hove.

Partnering with local charities to cut food waste and feed hungry families and the homeless, they hold the traditional outlook that local business and baking is a key part of community life. In an age where supermarkets and even smaller shops waste huge amounts of food daily it is incredibly refreshing for a business to be so proactive. 

Gail’s began in the early 1990s serving top London restaurants before settling in Hampstead in 2005. Since then they have built an impressive reputation across London and worldwide. Despite their widespread success their mission for the highest quality dough remains the same: “we never cut corners, and we never rush our loaves. With the finest ingredients, the most skilful bakers, and the most important ingredient of all – plenty of time – we have everything we need to create the perfect artisan loaf.”

The new bakery will be jam-packed with over twenty types of bread including the ever popular GAIL’s French Dark Sourdough, Spelt sourdough, Rye loaves and fruit breads. Breakfast runs until 3pm daily with everything from fresh pastries, to traditional hot dishes and French toast. The bakery also makes soups, fresh sandwiches, and salads for lunch and afternoon cakes. They settle at nothing but the best and everything is freshly made on site.

In addition to volunteers the bakery is also looking for new and local faces to join the team, whether to learn the art of baking or how to make great coffee.

GAIL’s Artisan Bakery, 157 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AD

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