Gal Pals comes to Komedia – review

Gay nights in Brighton & Hove aren’t an uncommon thing – take a look at the packed calendars of Revenge, Charles Street or Legends. However, generally speaking, nights that cater specifically for gay women are few and far between even in diverse, LGBT+ supporting cities like ours. That’s why I got rather excited when I saw something new and special was coming to Brighton’s Komedia on Fri 18 Nov. A queer disco of sorts, the Gal Pals night is the brainchild of Scarlett, the current Welfare Officer at Arts SU, and her gal pal DJ and event planner Candice, who started the night in London. Splitting the tasks, the couple have created this event as a labour of love after wanting a freshers night for queer ladies starting at University of the Arts London. Now a multi-city event, I have no doubt after their debut last week they’ll be enjoying and working even harder on their upward trajectory to stardom.

So grabbing my very own ‘gal pal’, we headed down to the venue as it opened at 11pm and were surprised at the amount of revellers already kicking off the party. The organisers had sorted some special deals at the bar, which are always appreciated, so grabbing some beers we hit the dance floor. It was so refreshing to see such a diverse range of people letting loose in a safe, happy place. It was even better to see that the lesbian and bisexual women’s scene is alive and well for the younger generations, especially at a time of such political, therefore cultural, upheaval.

To our delight, the studio bar had been adorned with balloons and glittering, shiny decorations. The room was electric and the lighting kept us yo-yoing between pinks and blues – a little nod to the LGBT+ flag which made us smile. The smaller space gave the night a strangely inclusive exclusivity – by which I mean anyone was welcome in, but once you were you knew you were part of something special.

Hearing delights from Beyonce, TLC, Missy Elliott and more, Gal Pals has cemented itself as the queer dance party to be at. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and allies filled the room and really let go at this girl run girl’s night. The music led the night into a full frontal ode to female-fronted music – and in this room, you could really feel the love and acceptance.

Look out for the second instalment of Gal Pals Brighton in 2017

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