Gaming Previews for February 2017

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World
Release Date: Fri 3 Feb
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Gaming Previews


Mario’s prehistoric companion returns in woollen form in this upcoming Nintendo 3DS platformer. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is a port of 2015’s Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U. Guide Yoshi and his new pal Poochy through visually stunning knitted wool levels to stop the trouble-making Baby Bowser and his court wizard Kamek who have turned all the other Yoshi’s into wonder wool. Eat enemies and turn them into yarn balls that can be used to attack or to help navigate the levels by filling in missing objects with the newly made wool. Also included is the new ‘Poochy dash’ mode where you take the reins of Poochy and run through a level collecting as many beads as possible.

Release Date: Thurs 9 Feb
Platforms: PS4

Gaming Previews

Set in Japan during the early 1600s during the Sengoku period, Nioh sees players take on the role of William, a trained Western Samurai and his allies as they try to rid the country of demons, known as Yokai, that have risen up during civil unrest. Taking heavy inspiration from the Souls series (such as dark souls and demons souls) players will be challenged as every wrong move could be your last. Death is almost inevitable; losing all experience you have gathered up to that point (and resurrecting at the last shrine rested at) to then fight your way back to recover what you lost. Difficult but ultimately rewarding, Nioh could be the Souls fix people are looking for this year!

For Honor
Release Date: Tues 14 Feb
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Gaming Previews

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between a Viking, a Knight and a Samurai? Well wonder no more as Ubisoft brings you For Honor, their new action-packed hack and slash. Play as one of four different classes within the three factions, the Legion (Knights), the Chosen (Samurai) and the War born (Vikings) and take on other players in intense hand-to-hand combat. A mechanic known as the ‘Art of Battle’ has been developed to allow players to feel what it’s like to be up close and personal in a real one-on-one duel without physically picking up a sword. Tense, brutal and visceral, For Honor is looking to be a great alternative to you usual FPS fare.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Release Date: Weds 1 March
Platforms: PS4

Gaming Previews

In a world where an unknown calamity has plunged humanity back to the Stone Age, the only things left behind from a once thriving civilisation are ruins and sentient robots that now roam free across the land. Aloy is a hunter, whose tribe was all but wiped out and now must set off to discover who is responsible for the massacre and the sudden appearance of ‘corruption’ that is sending the robots mad. Featuring a massive open world split between different tribes that give you quests to complete, use stealth, traps and hunting skills to take down giant machines and harvest resources from them to help you survive. Horizon Zero Dawn is looking to be a highlight of the year.

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