Gaming Highlights – May 2017

Fri 5 May
PS4, Xbox One, PC
Arkane Studios

Arkane Studios - x

Now if you’re excited by the title of this game – hold your horses. This isn’t the Prey video game that was announced all those years ago. Prey, formerly handled by Human Head, has now crossed over and been re-imagined by Arkane Studios. A sci-fi first person shooter, players will take on the role of Morgan Yu, the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever. But surprise, surprise… things haven’t gone as planned. This is what happens when you mess with alien technology! Players awaken on the space station Talos I orbiting the moon in the year 2032, and yes, you guessed it: the station has been overrun with hostile aliens. Expect to use your own wits, weapons, and tools found on the station, as well as mind-bending abilities to survive.


Fri 26 May
PS4, Xbox One, PC
Grey Box Games


I hadn’t heard of Rime until I saw the queue to play the game at EGX Rezzed this year. A third-person adventure and puzzle game developed by Tequila Works, this one is really getting gamers excited.  In my humble opinion, developers have clearly recognised that with the success of similar style games such as The Last Guardian, mystery games with beautiful graphics are going to do well. Creative director Raúl Rubio referenced the animation of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke as just some of the game’s influences. Shipwrecked on an island and followed by their fox companion, players must explore and unlock the secrets hidden within ancient structures. Collectables and secrets can be found throughout, giving you the opportunity to solve riddles and reveal the mystical history of the land.

Injustice 2
Fri 19 May
PS4, Xbox One
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Injustice 2 Screenshot

2013’s best fighting arcade game is back with Injustice 2 from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The sequel has kept much of the game mechanics the same – with some small improvements. Injustice 2 has a new feature, the ‘Gear System’ – a loot-dropping system that rewards players with costume pieces and equipment. These can be used to customise characters’ appearances and modify their abilities and stats. More good news – most environmental attacks, which were completely unavoidable in the first Injustice game, can now be blocked. However, certain environmental attacks with large amounts of start up, such as throwing a car, will remain unblockable. The game will also include a new microtransaction system. Players can buy “Source Crystals” using real-world money to purchase cosmetic adjustments for fighters, such as premier skins and shaders, instead of waiting to obtain them through regular play.


Battalion 1944
PS4, Xbox One, PC
Square Enix

Battalion 1944

First announced back in February 2016 as a Kickstarter campaign and fuelled by the power of the Unreal Engine 4, Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in WW2. This game is one of the first from studio Bulkhead Interactive, a small studio composed of former AAA developers. During the developers’ early announcements, players were assured the game would have dedicated servers while making use of certain anti-cheat measures. They also confirmed the online portion of the game would be heavily skill based and that any unlockables would not give a competitive edge to players.

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