Gaming Previews November 2017


In case you thought that there wasn’t enough from the Star Wars film franchise, fear not, the fourth major instalment of the Star Wars: Battlefront returns (much like the Jedi). In this revamped edition of the game, gamers can play as or against characters from each era, alongside narratives and legendary locations from each Star Wars film. Find yourself in a cinematic world of fantasy on some of your favourite places in space. The multiplayer Beta is also complete, with an improved experience, may this be in multi stage Galactic Assault or against the meaner and tougher AI foes in Arcade. There will also be unique and upgradable abilities that each individual character can bring to the battle. May the controller be with you.



After the huge success that was Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year, having dazzled gaming fans, the game is back with an expansion The Frozen Wilds. Whether you were a fan of the original game, or if you just fancy a change from the mentally challenging Fifa, this game with great graphics is one to immerse yourself in. The Frozen Wilds not only has a Game of Thrones – esque feel, but will include a new region, culture, characters and compelling storylines that critics describe as a “surprisingly deep, interesting narrative”. There will be a bigger map in this edition of the game, giving your inner explorer a challenge whilst battling for your survival in the chilling setting of future Earth. Explore deeper into Horizon Zero Dawn and on Aloy’s quest of self-discovery…

Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds

LA NOIRE Tues 14 Nov – PS4, Nintendo Switch VR, Xbox One

When blockbuster detective thriller meets the realm of virtual reality, you get L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Veteran and detective Cole Phelps investigates an intensifying series of real-world crimes. Although each successfully solved case will bring the detective closer to success, it also brings him closer to the deep dark depths of post-war Los Angeles. This new edition of LA Noire contains seven engrossing, self-contained cases from orginal rebuilt specifically for virtual reality, blending breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Experience a range of technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity, including new wider angles, plus contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work. Sherlock Holmes, watch out.

LA Noire

SIMS 4 Fri 17 Nov – PS4 Xbox One

Just when you thought every bit of your childhood nostalgia had been wiped out by smartphones and the nations overwhelming obsession with social media, think again! Escaping the impending woes of modern day life is now better than ever. An updated feature of the game includes the gamers ability to explore your Sim’s emotions and different personalities which can then change the way the story plays out. There will be new worlds offering unique neighbourhoods and interesting venues for maximum sociability. Sims, unlike many of us, will also be able to multitask, and even have their own walk. With a slightly Orwellian style narrative as players will be able to control the mind, body and heart of their beloved Sims, the game will provide hours of reality avoiding fun.

The Sims

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