Gaming Previews for December

Release Date: Fri 2 Dec
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Ubisoft’s new multiplayer-focused extreme sports game Steep pits players against each other in four main sports; skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying and paragliding. Set in the Alps, players are free to explore and compete with each other in races and other challenges as well as navigate the world easily from any of the designated ‘drop zones’ on the map. Steep also offers four distinct play-styles. In Explorer mode players are rewarded for exploration of the map and discovering locations, Freestyler allows players to show off their trick skills, Bone collector for the reckless among you going for the crazy stunts, and the Free-rider, which is a combination of all three. Are you ready to hit the slopes?

Super Mario Maker 3DS
Release Date: Fri 2 Dec
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


Wii U owners have been enjoying the worlds of Super Mario Maker since September last year and now its time to take the game on the road with you. Super Mario Maker 3DS allows player to create their very own levels in the style of four iconic Mario games; Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros Wii U. Design the level you always wished for, compose an audio level to play your favourite tunes or devise a devious death maze that’s near impossible to beat. Then post your creations online for the world to enjoy! Check out YouTube for some amazing level designs…

Dead Rising 4
Release Date: Tues 6 Dec
Platforms: PC, Xbox One


The holidays have arrived in Willamette, Colorado bringing with it a fresh outbreak of the zombie virus that ravaged the town ten years ago. Frank West returns to the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall to investigate who or what has caused the zombie infection to return. Use anything at your disposal to carve your way through the hordes and a huge selection of items to craft together to create weird and wonderful weapons for dispatching the undead. Use Frank’s photography skills to snap exciting moments for extra EXP and take the odd selfie with your favourite shambling corpse. A welcome change for some will be the removal of the time system so you can explore without missing specific deadlines for in-game events.

The Last Guardian
Release Date: Fri 9 Dec
Platforms: PS4


The Last Guardian has been a long time coming after being in development hell since 2007. Take on the persona of a young boy kidnapped and imprisoned within a large castle. While exploring his prison, he discovers a large half-bird half-mammal creature known as Trico. The pair must work together to escape by evading patrolling guards, avoiding traps and solving environmental puzzles by manipulating Trico’s animal instincts with food or a series of different calls and depending on the animals mood it may take some coercing to get it to follow orders. You can also climb on and ride Trico to make a quick getaway or jump giant chasms that would otherwise be impassable.

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