Garden Room

Garden Room Design Inspiration

Garden rooms are a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. Here, you can celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature, especially after a long dark winter. There are different types of garden room designs to choose from. However, you need to consider your overall look and style you are hoping to achieve. You can choose everything from creative eclectic, minimalist modern, farmhouse rustic or Scandinavian organic depending on your preferences.

The design or style you choose should keep with the purpose of your garden room. Whether you are looking for a safe haven for some quiet time, a home office, a place to receive guests or a home gym, you need to think carefully about what you are hoping to achieve. Make sure your garden room design blends in with the interior décor in your main home. If necessary, any contrast should achieve a striking look.

Here are some of the best garden room design ideas you should consider. Visit to find the perfect garden room for you.

1. Enhance Your Current Property

Keep in mind that you don’t have to create a separate garden room from the rest of the property. Rather, you should consider the best way to boost your current layout. For instance, creating a kitchen/dining extension into the garden area is a great way to transform any internal area and create an open space.

On the other hand, you can use extensive glass doors to celebrate long summer evenings. Also, you can use this space during the winter season for a candle-lit atmosphere for the best results. Also, you can link your barn to the main house and create a stunning area filled with a lot of light. You can transform it into a dining room with large windows looking out into the courtyard.

2. Always Work With What You Have

Does your garden room come with inherent features? Do you have exposed brickwork? Does the garden room come as part of the ultra-modern contemporary property? Well, you can showcase all these features within the design and allow it to shape the scheme accordingly.

For instance, if there is a stone wall, you can use it as a good backdrop. Next, you can adopt an organic plus earthy scheme that enhances the seamless transition between the outdoors and the indoors. If you want to add on the exposed brick walls, you can use metallic hues and copper tones. All these will echo into the studded edging on the off-white linen chairs together with the teardrop wall lights.

3. Let Nature Inspire You

The basic principle of a garden room is to bring the outdoors indoors. Therefore, you need to get your inspiration from the natural elements near your home and add them to your design. For instance, if you are surrounded by the woodland, you can use organic materials in your garden room. Here, you can use wooden flooring and sculptures for the best look.

Also, you can find out the natural stone found in your area. Next, reflect these specific stones into your design and make a good feature of the stone. On the other hand, if you have a river nearby, waterfall or pond, you should also choose water-inspired whirls, Japanese fountains and calm blues. You can pull off a tranquil and homely interior by utilizing patterns and textures depending on nature’s charm around you.

If you have a countryside property, you are likely to hear birdsong chimes through the yard. Well, you can use avian-inspired theme into the interiors for a great look. For instance, you can install a birdcage ceiling light to reflect the beautiful pattern on the ceiling or bird sculptures on the dining table to bring out further detail and depth into the whole look.

4. Increase The Space

If you can create more natural light with your garden room design, you will increase the space. Add more glass windows and doors. For instance, you can use entire glass walls or large windows from the floor to the ceiling. You can rebound the natural light using mirrors to reflect the outdoors and create a tranquil space.

5. Organic Undertone

To pull off nature-inspired tones, you can incorporate earthy materials with a palette of neutrals. For instance, you can use a chunky wooden table on a thick hessian rug especially if it’s washed oakwood for a great look. Even better, it must have a rich lime and olive edge and also include a rustic wooden sideboard on the stone wall. It’s a great way to create contrasting textures and pull off a neutral color palette.

6. Reinforce The Greenery

A garden room is a place where you can retreat and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a place to welcome inspiration, meditate, improve your focus and enjoy your quiet time. Well, if you want to pull this off, you need to add more greenery to the room. You can use flourishing foliage to bring out the greenery. Make sure you adopt this for a great look. You can choose green accent walls or vivid furnishings as well as magnificent floral arrangements.

Try these and many more ideas for a great garden room look!

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