If you ever find yourself locked in a shed with only a wallpaper stripper and a ziplock bag of egg to hand, you might just want to call on the wisdom of George Egg.

While Jamie Oliver made his mark blending Turkey Twizzlers into grizzly meaty pulp, I’m almost certain he’s never used an office shredder to make pasta. Inventive? Yes. Hygienic? Who knows.

Following two sell out years in a row at the Edinburgh Fringe with his first show ANARCHIST COOK, George Egg returns with DIY CHEF and the same heavy metal exterior.

The inventive take on a homemade three-course meal has George digging out power tools and commonly found home objects to create a masterpiece, the evidence of which is offered up to audience members to delve greedily into.

Comedy and cooking merges with a sprinkle of poetry and George’s stand-up fills the longer stages of the cooking process. Expect to hear Terminator gags while watching a slab of sirloin steak being cooked with a blowtorch inside a metal DVD case of the film.

His stage presence is endearing and his creativeness admirable, but some of the jokes fall a little flat. Think dad at a barbeque meets Inspector Gadget, only this time the contraptions grill oak-smoked cheese.

It’s an impressive and playful demonstration of what you can achieve when you’re banned from cooking and banished to the shed by your wife. For that, it is truly unique and you’ll leave all the more inspired for it.


George Egg: DIY CHEF performs at The Hat at The Warren 26 May, 8pm.

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