How to get ready for summer 2018 without going to the gym

A lack of time is the most convenient excuse we use when we want to put the gym on hold. Excuses like “I simply can’t find the time to keep up with my gym routine”, or something to that extent, are extremely powerful, and it’s only normal to hold them close while indulging on cookies and fatty foods.

But what will you do when summer time comes along? After all, it’s not that far until the sun will shine again, and believe us, crash diets don’t work as a long-term solution.

Well, it turns out there are ways to get that summer body without going to the gym; you just have to be willing to put in the effort and create good habits.

Tips to Keep in Shape at Home

You can easily continue your fitness routine in the comfort of your own home (or around it), and it can be even more motivating than going to the gym. Just think about it for a moment: you get to train whenever you have the time, you can do any type of exercise you want, and the shower is only a few steps away. Doesn’t this sound more appealing?

Not to mention that you can get the entire family involved. After all, if you have kids, you should encourage them to keep active, especially if their school has gym equipment available to them.

Let’s take a look at the type of training you can do at home that will help you achieve the same results as a gym workout.

Pick up a Jogging Routine

As one of the most appreciated aerobic exercise all over the world, jogging comes with plenty of benefits for the body and the mind.

If you start jogging in the morning (which we recommend), you will boost your metabolic rate and provide some extra energy for the brain. You can also forget about the morning coffee as you’ll be fully awake by the time you complete your routine.

But it’s also a fantastic way to burn some extra calories as studies show joggers burn about 150 calories per each mile they run. Additionally it keeps the body in check as the afterburn effect lasts for about 48h.

If you were to start now and include jogging in your weekly activities at least two or three times, you should be able to burn those few extra pounds gained during winter.

Professional Equipment at Home

If you feel jogging is not for you or you simply want a different type of workout, you can always improvise an indoor gym with some professional equipment.

The cool thing is that you can do so without completely destroying your savings account by hiring the equipment you need (such as here). In doing so, you can get a treadmill, a rowing machine, or any other type of professional equipment for as long as you want it.

This way you can continue your gym workout routine but in a more pleasant environment, and in your own time.

Do Yoga

Yoga is often seen more as a way to relax after a good workout, but some routines are quite demanding. Besides this, it includes a large series of stretching exercises that will help tone and strengthen your muscles, which incidentally, is exactly what you want for a bikini body.

Not to mention that yoga comes with a plethora of other benefits such as stress release, mental fitness, mindfulness, and a general state of Zen.

HIIT in your Daily Routine

Finally, to make sure you are prepared for summer, it’s best to consider adding some HIIT in your routine. Based on differences in intensity, these exercises are perfect for hitting those stubborn areas where the fluffiness just won’t budge.

Final Tip: Take Care of your Diet

We couldn’t talk about getting a summer-fit body without mentioning the diet issue, could we?

But we’re not here to talk about miracle diets – we’re here to make sure you consider keeping healthy and avoiding foods or certain additives you know won’t benefit your body or your brain. The secret is to be mindful when you eat and understand your food and why you consume it.

Put plainly, make sure you eat because you are truly hungry, not because you are dehydrated or emotionally on edge. It’s also important to understand why you have cravings, and while it’s important to satisfy them from time to time, learn how to control them.

At the end of the day, a bikini body can only be obtained if you combine a healthy diet with a disciplined workout regimen, so stop procrastinating! Start putting in the effort today and you’ll see the results just in time.

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