Get the scoop! Where to go for ice cream in Brighton

Gelato Gusto, Gardner Street

One to try: Pear and Parmesan sorbetto

Smart, stylish and innovative, Gelato Gusto is an artisan gelateria in the North Laine which is constantly tempting passers-by with its exciting new treats. Served alongside their indulgent gelato, made freshly on the premises each day, are some refreshing sorbetti in crazy flavours such as Guinness and Tomato & Basil. They also offer fresh cakes and waffles and are the inventors of the gelato burger; a chocolate covered brioche bun stuffed with your choice of gelato.

Boho gelato

Boho Gelato, Pool Valley

One to try: Cucumber and Rose

Just off East Street and a minute from the Palace Pier, Boho Gelato produces all of its diverse variations of gelato on site each day. Since opening in 2010, their list of flavours has grown to more than 400, with creamy classics like honeycomb and cookies and cream served alongside milkshakes, sorbets and vegan specialities. And with 25 flavours on offer at one time, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Jojo’s Gelato, Western Road

One to try: Figs and Ricotta

Jojo’s Gelato is a 60’s inspired ice cream parlour on Western Road, where you can lounge in a booth and enjoy huge sundaes, shakes and waffles piled high with interesting flavours. Open from 7am until 11pm, Jojo’s is ideally located for a mid-shopping snack, late night dessert or a just a treat at any time of day. They also serve refreshing sorbets in flavours such as Pear and Chocolate, perfect for cooling you down on sweltering summer days.


Cloud 9, Kensington Gardens

One to try: Chunky cheesecake

Cloud 9 began as a dream for tired Londoners Paul and Hannah and is now one of Brighton’s most popular cake shops, specialising in home-baked treats such as cheesecake brownies and rainbow cake. And all good cake should be accompanied by a scoop of great ice cream, of which they have over 100 flavours on offer. The colourful café also serves gelato by the tub and cone, ideal for enjoying as you peruse the lanes.

Brighton 6th June 2014 - 02

Scoop and Crumb, East Street

One to try: Rhubarb crumble and custard

Established in 2007, East Street’s Scoop and Crumb is a must-visit whatever the weather. Their namesake specialities are their gourmet hot dogs, with 12 varieties on offer, and of course their towering sundaes. Made on the premises each day, their ice cream contains local, authentic ingredients such as cinnamon-roasted plums in the Plum Crumble flavour. You can choose a sundae from their extensive menu, or construct your own by adding your own choice scoops, toppings and sauces.

de luca

Gelateria de Luca, St James’ Street

One to try: Pineapple

Run by Italian owners, this gelateria is based on Kemp Town’s main street and is open 9am until 9pm daily. With traditional gelato and strong coffee on sale, De Luca offers an authentic Italian experience to its visitors that is increasingly hard to come by in Brighton. It also has an alcohol license so whether during the day or as an after dinner treat, you can enjoy something stronger with your cone or sundae.


Fenton’s, Chruchill Square

One to try: Butterfinger

Making ice cream since 1929, Fenton’s has recently opened up a branch in Churchill Square mall. The American diner-style cafe is modern, colourful and sparkling clean and a great place to grab a sweet snack while shopping. The flavours on offer are bound to satisfy kids as well as parents, as they range from bright blue bubblegum to a more sophisticated toasted almond. Hot and cold drinks, cakes and waffles are also on offer.

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