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Getting The Perfect Product Photo: 6 Tips For Your Online Store

The perfect product photo is one of the best marketing tools out there, especially when you have an online store. As the image is the first thing customers focus on when they click on your website or selling page, it really needs to sell the product and the vision behind it. Getting the perfect product photo is essential for traffic and sales; find some tips for your online store below.

Hire A Professional

Unless you have a good quality camera and the skill set to create the perfect product photo, it can be difficult to achieve the look you want. The best way to get professional-looking product photos is to hire a photographer who is trained in the art of business photos. They can also help with the final editing of your photos, which is a difficult thing to master.

Consider using a professional still life photographer in London, such as Howlett Photo. They can assist your brand in creating the perfect product photo that can be used on your selling page and throughout your advertising campaigns. Whether your business sells jewellery, food and drink, or cosmetics, hiring a professional can ensure your products look visually pleasing online.

Keep Props Simple

Taking product photos is exciting, which often means new businesses go overboard with the props. Whilst it may sound obvious, the main focus of your product photos should always be your product. Props are definitely helpful for brightening a photo and making it more visually pleasing, just keep them simple and within the colour scheme of your product design and background.

Also, make sure they are relevant to the scene you are trying to create. If you are not sure, do some market research and ask someone who doesn’t know the product to guess what is being sold, with no other context than the image. This will give you a good idea of whether your product photos get to the point or are too busy.

Learn How To Edit Photos

If you decide to take photos on your own, take time to educate yourself on photo editing. You can do this with an online class or through YouTube videos, whichever way you learn better. When editing a photo, the choices are overwhelming, so it is better to understand the basics first. Use a program like Photoshop, for high-quality edits. Sometimes all it takes is a few small edits to create a flawless and perfect product photo. Additionally, you might need to change photo size with Adobe Express to ensure your images fit various platforms and formats seamlessly.

Take Inspiration From Others

Don’t worry if you are struggling with ideas when creating a product photo. You aren’t meant to know the perfect way to set up photos for your business unless you are a master in the industry. Luckily, other brands out there have tried and tested methods, meaning you can take inspiration from them (without copying them).

Browse through Instagram and find products that are similar to yours. See what posts got the most interaction and which look the best. Look at the psychology of product images, so you have a better idea of what will work.

Lighting Is Everything

Remember, your product is not going to look the same through the lens of a camera as it does through your eyes, so lighting is everything. You can either choose to go with natural lighting or invest in a studio light. It is best to invest in a small studio light if you are only taking photos of small items, such as cosmetics or jewellery.

Natural lighting is excellent for clothing, people, and edible items such as cakes. If you take product photos inside, make sure your product is facing the window. When selling indoor products, such as electronics, kitchenware, or furniture, use a studio light. If you need more help with setting up a small studio in your home or workplace to take the perfect product photo, check out this helpful article.

Invest In A Tripod

A tripod is a superb investment if you are going to be taking a lot of product photos. You can set up a good tripod in any position and at any angle, without the backache. Unless you have the steadiest hands in the world, you are not going to get very far without a tripod. Good news though, you can pick one up for pretty cheap online. Just make sure you check the measurements of your camera or phone, as tripods have different specifications.

To take the perfect product photo for your online store, invest in a professional photo shoot for your products. If you are just starting out and don’t have the budget, make sure to learn about photo editing, how to use lighting and props, and invest in a tripod. If you need some inspiration, check out your favourite brands on social media.

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