Gorilla artworks, curated by Chris Westbrook, will be on display for the public to enjoy from Friday 14th July

Gorilla sculptures land in Covent Garden with the launch of the Tusk gorilla trail

Covent Garden and Tusk are proud to announce the launch of the Tusk Gorilla Trail at Covent Garden, a new immersive art installation in the heart of historic central London, live from Fri 14 July in support of African wildlife conservation.

Following the huge success and popularity of the Tusk Rhino Trail in 2018 and the Tusk Lion Trail in 2021, the charity will place 15 life-sized gorilla sculptures throughout the historic Piazza and streets of London’s Covent Garden, including Seven Dials.

Rankin with his gorilla

The artworks will be on display for the public to enjoy from Friday 14th July until October.

Curator Chris Westbrook, from Westbrook Gallery, has brought together an array of talented artists from the world of art, design, film, photography and comedy including several Tusk ambassadors, to release a band of individually designed gorillas across the Covent Garden estate including Seven Dials.

Internationally recognised artists designing gorillas include The Rolling Stones guitarist and Tusk ambassador Ronnie Wood and wife Sally Wood; English actor and comedian John Cleese and wife Jen Cleese; British artist Chila Burman; British photographer Rankin; printmaker Adam Dant; Tusk ambassador actress Jemma Powell; restaurant Petersham Nurseries in partnership with British artist Hayden Keys; former army helicopter pilot, wildlife artist and Tusk ambassador Hannah Shergold as well as artists Barnaby Barford, Mr Jago, Gordon Cheung, Mauro Perucchetti, Charles Uzzell Edwards and Nick Gentry.

The population of African gorillas remains critically endangered across both Western and Eastern species. Each sculpture will highlight the beauty of gorillas, threats to their existence and the people and solutions working for their survival – raising awareness for conservation efforts across the African continent.

The installation will encourage visitors to follow the Gorilla Trail via an easy-to-use map, making a fun and interactive experience for families and all to enjoy throughout the Summer.

The discovery map can be downloaded or viewed digitally via the Covent Garden website. Visitors will be able to make donations to Tusk to support its conservation goals across Africa through the website and via QR codes on the sculptures.

The full list of artists, ambassadors and collaborators designing gorillas is:

1.              Ronnie Wood

2.              John & Jen Cleese

3.              Chila Kumari Singh Burman

4.              Rankin

5.              Sally Wood

6.              Adam Dant

7.              Hayden Kays x Petersham Nurseries

8.              Hannah Shergold

9.              Barnaby Barford

10.            Mr Jago

11.            Gordon Cheung

12.            Jemma Powell

13.            Mauro Perucchetti

14.            Nick Gentry

15.            Charles Uzzell Edwards

Following the interactive gorilla sculpture trail, the unique works of art will be auctioned and there will also be a public viewing exhibition of the 15 sculptures – more information to follow.

In 2021, Tusk raised £1.1m with its Lion Trail and is hoping to surpass this total. Funds raised at the auction and through public donations will support all Tusk’s partner projects, including those involved in the conservation of gorillas.

Pickfords, the UK’s leading name in home moving and storage, will be proud sponsors of the Tusk Gorilla Trail at Covent Garden, transporting all sculptures safely to their retrospective spots throughout the historic Piazza and streets of London’s Covent Garden and Seven Dials.

More information about the Tusk Gorilla Trail at Covent Garden can be found here: www.coventgarden.london

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