ASquared Impact Accelerator

Grab £50,000 to fund your high-impact business idea with the Impact Accelerator

From Brighton-based digital platform developer, ASquared. 

ASquared, the Brighton-based digital platform developer has launched an Impact Accelerator program designed to support purpose-led startups. The program offers the opportunity to grab £50,000 in funding, helping early-stage start-ups or aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. 

The ASquared Impact Accelerator is an impact-focused accelerator for high-potential UK startups with a mission to use their business as a force for good.

Building, funding and retaining high-performance teams is hard work and takes time. Yet, our world simply doesn’t have time to sit around and wait for impact.

The accelerator aims to support talented UK-based founders with great causes to achieve their impact, faster.

Through the accelerator, purpose-driven founders get access to mentorship, premium software tools, and hands-on support to help catapult their vision into reality. The cherry on the cake is the opportunity to take part in a Funding Show for the possibility of grabbing a £50K investment from ASquared.

Benefits for startups

Startups that join the Impact Accelerator benefit from:

  • Being part of an accelerator run by a company that knows exactly what it takes to design and build successful applications – without tie-ins or commitments to having to work with the agency in the future!
  • One-to-one mentorship from experienced, influential startup mentors.
  • Access to more than £30,000 worth of software, tools, perks and offers that have been specifically picked to help impact startups succeed.
  • Networking, support, guidance and inspiration from a community of peers, experienced entrepreneurs and mentors.
    • Friendly shoulders to lean on
    • Constructive, candid advice and guidance
  • Talks and support from a wide variety of guest speakers and relevant sponsors
  • Publicity, marketing and customer acquisition support.
  • The opportunity to take part in a £50K Funding Show.

If you are interested in joining a select group of high-potential start-ups, committed to making a difference for people and the planet, feel free to apply here

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