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Grazie Mille offers authentic Italian food packages straight to your door

‘Grazie Mille: Italian To Go’ is offering specially-crafted delivery packages for you to enjoy delicious cuisine safely while in self-isolation – Support local business.

In light of recent developments with the outbreak of COVID-19, many small businesses have been forced to innovate to manage with customers staying at home. Based in the heart of Brighton, ‘Grazie Mille – Italian To Go’ is a premium quality takeaway Italian restaurant going the extra mile to ensure you have enough food during these difficult times.

Pasta is one of the main items rapidly flying off of the shelves, with supermarkets struggling to restock to meet demand. Instead, BN1 is asking you to consider local businesses such as Grazie Mille who are selling authentic, 100% organic cuisine at affordable prices.

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Starting from Monday 23rd March 2020 on Just Eat, you will be able to create your own package of food and drink items to be delivered to your doorstep through Grazie Mille. Whether you are looking for hot take-out meals or food to cook at home, they provide specialised Italian products for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Grazie Mille offers authentic Italian food packages straight to your door has distributed a letter to members of the community across the city to firmly establish that the safety of their customers is paramount.

Mr Massolari said: “Grazie Mille – Italian to Go, going against its interests, has decided to come out into the open and take the front line: starting an awareness campaign on the sudden need to close activities on-site; to consciously prevent large gatherings or any other activities which involve close interpersonal contact before it becomes an irreversible situation, deciding that health comes first.”

Since the restaurant’s announcement, competitors around the city have been releasing similar statements to assure their customers they are still open for business. While they are being discouraged from face-to-face contact, Grazie Mille will continue their delivery service of 100% organic food items with ample vegetarian and vegan options.

Pasta, paninis, pastries, cupboard items and beverages can be readily prepared or packaged up for you to cook at home.


Order a cup of rich Italian coffee to takeaway, using Costadoro’s beautiful blends. Accompany your beverage with a freshly baked croissant, with gluten-free and vegan options widely available here.


Lunch example from Grazie Mille © Louisa Streeting

Are you peckish at lunchtime? Don’t miss out on Grazie Mille’s luxury paninis. Choose your filling from a range of the freshest ingredients, including Prosciutto, Mortadella and Parma Ham. Swap out the ham for cheese if you’re seeking something vegetarian.

Take-out boxes can also be specially prepared to deliver ready-made pasta dishes and salads to your home. Whether you love lasagne, four-cheese or a spicy arrabbiata, choose from a huge variety of flavour combinations.


100% vegetarian examples from Grazie Mille © Louisa Streeting

100% Vegetarian

Choose from an assortment of handmade Casoncelli (filled) pasta in a variety of flavours. Each packet serves two and cooks at home in just two minutes, giving you sensational Italian cuisine in no time.

Pair your pasta with one of Grazie Mille’s flavour-packed sauces or just finish off with a drizzle of olive oil.

Grazie Mille Louisa Streeting
100% vegan package example from Grazie Mille © Louisa Streeting

100% Vegan

There are plenty of vegan options are available from Grazie Mille, including a variety of flavoured dry pasta in a variety of styles.

Cook an authentically-inspired Italian meal in the comfort of your own home.

Grazie Mille Louisa Streeting
Some cupboard items from Grazie Mille © Louisa Streeting


Shoppers can purchase traditional Italian cupboard items such as biscuits, dry pasta, sauces, juices and condiments to maintain essential supplies.

You can also purchase Italian hams and cheeses, providing the perfect charcuterie board or for homemade sandwiches. Select these items individually online before you check out.

For more information about their products and to order from the restaurant, please visit their website:

Follow Grazie Mille: Italian To Go on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on the situation with Coronavirus.

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