Green Door Store hosts Newhaven Foyer Fundraiser

Newhaven Foyer are an initiative that has been established to help young people from ages 16-25 with issues of homelessness. The foyer provides self-contained flats in which young people who do not have anywhere else to live or others who are struggling with such things as substance abuse or poor mental health can reside.

Not only do they provide safe accommodation for young people, but they assist with personal development, and employability support in a nurturing environment. It is not a place for those who are vulnerable to be left with no help towards the root of the problem, or for no assistance to look towards a better future as the Newhaven Foyer support all of their young people with the many needs they have including benefits, work, education and life skills.

That’s why The Green Door Store have offered to help raise money for this organisation as it really is a hearty and worthwhile cause. Catch some incredible bands like Pandora Echo ( Quiet Wish ( and Brodie Mcbride ( as they rock out to an evening of fun and fine music at a brilliant venue, whilst helping out the Newhaven Foyer.

Have an awesome night, whilst doing something good. What’s not to love?




£4 ON THE DOOR | 7:30PM | 18+

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