A Valentine’s Day of Horror – Guided Tours in Brighton

Why not go on an adventure delving into Brighton & Sussex’s rich history with a series of guided tours, beginning with a Valentine’s Day of Horror. There are already 2000 members who have had their minds blown by these exciting trips around Brighton and its surrounding areas. Witness the sites of eerie past murder scenes, learn about some interesting history, or walk in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes on these epic adventures. It is also a great way to meet new people. No need to book just turn up!

On Tues 14 Feb, 7pm – 8:30pm, go to the clock tower in Brighton and experience a Valentine’s Day of horror with ‘Love Gone Wrong’. Be guided round the city’s streets, and relive some of the ‘crime passionelle’ which has taken place in Brighton’s dark and twisted lanes. These include Dr Warder’s death by prescription, Violetta Kaye and the body in the trunk, the murder of Cecilia Bashford by her savage husband and many more. The tour’s horror is unsuitable for under 16’s and anyone who suspects their partner or ex-partner is plotting against them. Join the Facebook event here.

There are also other scheduled events taking place such as ‘Grim Histories’ – a virtual tour of inventions and detective techniques used to solve crimes. Experience ‘Brighton through the Artist’s Eye’ with a pictured tour of some artists lives and work who have lived and painted in the city. Also experience Hove’s rich history with ‘Brunswick and Bullrings’.

All events are led by experienced guide Nick Richmond. Each tour costs £5 with children able to come along for free (however some tours may be unsuitable). For more information and a full list of events visit Guided tours around Brighton & Sussex on Facebook.

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