Guy Lloyd’s Christmas Message to Brighton & Hove

Guy LloydRemember the little old lady, dressed in pink, dancing outside Boots earlier this year? You should do, it went viral. And you know Disco Pete, right? Of course you do. Well, we’ve brought them together to bring you some festive cheer. Yes, these two Brighton legends, along with a host of local celebrities, have recorded a Christmas single. It’s a cover of Bobby Helms’ Jingle Bell Rock, produced by MC Cashback, and it drops on Weds 7 December alongside a supporting video – all raising money for a great local charity.

Let me take you back to the beginning. I present a daily drive time show on Brighton’s Juice 107.2. When I saw the little pink lady dancing outside Boots, I had to find her. This is the kind of stuff I love talking about on the radio. Unleashing the power of social media I found her, through a local woman who actually filmed this classic Brighton scene which by then was going viral.

She had stayed in touch with the pink dancing lady, a lovely 75-year-old woman from Peacehaven, known as Anne, or Dancing Anne, as she has since been christened. I’ve also been acutely aware that another Brighton legend, Disco Pete, was struggling with his health and is spending increasing amount of time in his wheelchair, supported by his wonderful daughter.

So along with a couple of friends I decided to bring them together, gather a few celebrities and record a Christmas single. So we all went up to the fantastic Park Studios, just off Lewes Road, and did exactly that. The celebrities involved include Stephen and Chris and The Michael family fr
om Channel 4’s Gogglebox, Big Brother winner Pete Bennett, Brighton and Spurs legend Guy Butters and Britain Got Talent’s Vince Venus (never heard of him).

The single will be available on iTunes on Weds 7 December and the video will be launched on YouTube and all social media, on the same day, with al
l the profits going to the Brighton charity, Time to Talk Befriending. It’s been a terrible year for many reasons but we want to end it on a high. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Christmas,
Guy Lloyd


PS, We’re also throwing a huge party to celebrate our future number one hit at Brighton’s Latest Music Bar on Weds 7 Dec!



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