HAKE unveil new single – ‘Alright’

Psychedelic five-piece HAKE release their new single today (Sun 20 Nov). Entitled ‘Alright’, it offers a fierce statement of intent from one of the south coast’s most exciting new acts.

Operating out of their dingy basement in Brighton, HAKE specialise in immersing listeners in a swirling tunnel of harmonised guitar noise, accompanied by powerful drum patterns and enticing bass lines. Formed in 2016, HAKE work hard at their guitar melodies, typically enveloped in visceral reverb, to create songs that evoke a wide variety of emotional responses. Lyrically, they use off-beat imagery to express their feelings on topics like; 21st century gender roles, mental illness, drug use and autobiographical musings on the bands’ main influences.

Basing their ethos entirely in the integrity of their music, they’ll appeal to any fans of Tame Impala, Slowdive, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Syd Arthur and Deerhunter. HAKE use their live shows as an opportunity to subdue audiences into a world of strong, melodic and pleasantly driven ease.

HAKE play Brighton’s The Cowley Club on Tues 6 Dec, 2016.

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