Hanningtons Lane

Hannington’s Lane gets set for Summer

What do people think of when they think of Brighton? Seaside, fun, festivals, fish and chips, street art, the Pier, camp, kitsch, green, vegan, swimming, outdoor sports…. The list is endless and depends on your age, experience and what you look for in a city. 

But one thing you can be sure of is that locals like to shop in Brighton and visitors come to Brighton to shop. And by that we mean, they seek out the huge range of independent retailers that Brighton and particularly the Lanes and North Laines have become known for. 

Brighton is awash with indies and thousands of visitors a year flock to explore the Lanes, discover something different around every corner and like nothing more than whiling away a few hours browsing and shopping for homeware, clothes, records, gifts, accessories and art.

So what happens when you create a new area of the city with new shops? Which retailers move in and why? Hanningtons Lane was completed by Redevco just five years ago and the area is now home to 17 Brighton independents, as well as new national and international retailers on North and East Street. 

Hanningtons Lane has become a celebration of what Brighton does best and what it offers shoppers – unique gifts, one-off finds, makers and artists selling their goods with love and a story.  People passionate about their speciality and products, selling direct to consumers. Retail is a tough business and despite covid closures and economic uncertainty, many businesses have flourished in this area over the last few years.

July is Independent Retailer month, which aims to shine a spotlight on the economic and social impact local shops have on a community. So we thought it was fitting to take a closer look at some of Hanningtons’ independents and share their stories. Many of the area’s retailers live close to their businesses and are an integral part of the fabric of the city. There is much to celebrate!


7-9 Hanningtons Lane

Nick and Alex live facing the sea front in Brighton and after years of obsessing about homewares, they took the plunge and made &halt their life full-time. The disruption of lockdown made them look inward and re-assess what made them and loved ones happy. The conclusion they came to was that they wanted to source products that added to people’s lives.

Now they spend their time sourcing from independent studios across Europe and Japan, seeking ethically responsible practices and shying away from trends. They sell products that will stay with you forever. “We like our products to have a backstory. Products with provenance. And this is why we’re &halt…a subconscious reminder to pause and reflect.”

&Halt started life at 9 Hanningtons Lane and has been so well-received, that last year they took the plunge and expanded into the neighbouring store too, offering a much wider range of products. 


14 Hanningtons Lane

BouSham Gallery was founded by dynamic co-owners Clair (Bou) and Shyama (Sham), who have been lifelong best friends and share a love of creativity and craftsmanship. Each of the pieces they sell in their light-filled gallery tells a unique story and will add a touch of elegance to any space. Both partners are makers in their own right: Clair hand crafts jewellery, fusing diverse materials from across the globe, including cast gold, silver and brass, alongside Brazilian semi-precious seeds and stones; and Shyama creates unique and vibrant botanical inspired wall art and textiles.

They have created a space opposite Hanningtons vibrant circus mural, where passion and friendship converge to create a truly special shopping experience. And their success at Hanningtons Lane has meant they have been able to also showcase the work of 17 further local artists and sculptors within the store. By shopping here you are directly supporting local artists and makers and are putting money back into the local economy.


The Stanley Road Store

54-55 Market Street

Stanley Road Store, founded by Maxine Michaelides, began in December 2015 as part of Brighton’s Artists Open Houses festival and has now grown into an independent department store showcasing the work of almost 175 local Brighton artists and makers.

The concept grew fast from the get-go. A four-month pop up shop in Five-Ways, lots of workshops, a week-long “Open Heart Surgery” Valentine’s event plus a month long pop up at the Warren in Brighton for the Brighton Festival. But it wasn’t until Max and her team spent a month taking part In Artists Open Houses from 3 Hanningtons Lane, that they found a home ‘round the corner within the Hanningtons Estate and a 3 month stay turned into a permanent pitch. The store is much-loved by locals and visitors alike and is a sensory delight. If you haven’t yet visited, you must!


Shopping locally is a wonderful way to support small brands and businesses. We know that many Brightonians do this in spades, but July’s Independent Retailer month is a gentle reminder to us all, so help pass the message on and spread your net wider if you can, to incorporate new local shops into your everyday life.

For more information about events in July at Hanningtons, subscribe to their newsletter at www.hanningtonsbrighton.com or follow @hanningtonsbrighton on socials.

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