Harbour Hotel Spa Day

Harbour Hotel Spa 2Be honest. When you get asked mid-week how you are, do you instantly (almost without thinking) moan: ‘I’m so busy’, or ‘Life is so hectic right now’? While your candour might seem like surreptitious boasting, it also raises the question – ‘Why are you not dealing with this stress a little better?’ If you’re busy, exhausted, overloaded or anxious, there’s no need to whine or force your friends into a conversational cul-de-sac. There is a tempting solution right on your doorstep.

Harbour Hotel opened on Kings Road during the summer and offers a plethora of incredible services. These include The Jetty restaurant, HarBAR, some stunning bedrooms and, most importantly for those tense shoulders, The Harbour Spa.

Escaping from the buzzing Kings Road in to the tranquil spa itself brings instant relaxation. The Nordic feel of wooden panels and neutral colours makes the environment welcoming to all. The sweet scent of calming oils and mellow music also plays its part in reducing those peaking stress levels. I’ve experienced some places where the effort to calm is all too obvious and fake, but the Harbour Spa manages to present a naturally relaxing atmosphere. Of course, all of this would be worthless were you not provided incredible service – and this came in its droves.

Chloe and Alisha were to be our masseuses today, for we were to experience the couples full body massage (before your imagination runs away with you, it’s a room you can share with your loved one or friend to have a separate massage at the same time). After the initial consultation to identify specific needs, the type of oil that would be best and how firm the treatment would be, we were left briefly to get comfortable on the tables. Here’s where the important details were nailed.

Extremely soft towels, comfortable tables and extra thick blankets to keep you warm. Calming music gently resonated around the room (no pan pipes, thank goodness) and we settled in ready for the massage. Oh what a massage it was. Chloe and Alisha had listened carefully to our needs and began with a relaxing back rub whilst applying firmer pressure to those devilish knots most get around the shoulder blades and lower back. Legs, upper chest, neck, arms and hands were given the perfect amount of attention to shake off those ‘I’m so busy’ feelings. Worries and stress evaporated as did my battle against drifting in to a half awake/half asleep state. Bliss.

I cannot recommend this wonderful spa enough. There are even more exciting times ahead at Harbour Hotel as phase two of the opening will include an underground pool, jacuzzi, steam room and hydrotherapy pool all in the spa itself, and a Brighton first with a rooftop infinity pool scheduled to be opened in summer 2017. Get your booking in quickly – The Harbour Spa is guaranteed to be massive hit on the Brighton seafront.

Harbour Hotel is at 64 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NA


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