Have fun with your spare time

It’s a rare thing we know, but occasionally we do all get a few moments to ourselves. What happens when you don’t want to log into social media to find out what everyone else is doing? We’ve a few ideas of how to waste time brilliantly.

Listen to an old album

Check those shelves for a long-lost musical treasure. Somewhere in there is an album that defined a period of your life. Now, it sits abandoned – passed over in favour of YouTube clips or Spotify playlists. Make some time to dust it off, check out the sleeve-notes and fall in love again.

Smash out some mindfulness

Rebalance yourself with some healthy thinking. Place yourself squarely in the moment, drink in the sights, sounds and smells around you and appreciate the fabulous good fortune that brought to this point in time and space. Own it all.

Do some mild exercise

Rather than slouching on the sofa gawping at a screen, get moving. Do some star-jumps, press-ups or sit-ups – anything to get the blood racing. Be careful though. It is quite addictive.

Shout out of the window

If you live on a busy street, and can be sure of remaining undetected, then why not amuse yourself by making noises at passers-by? Obviously, refrain from being offensive or hurtful – but a few random animal noises or funny sounds will brighten the day of anyone walking past you. For amplification you can either buy a pocket-sized megaphone or improvise with pages from a broadsheet newspaper. Rolled into a cone and secured with tape, these will provide exceptional sound boosting. Just remember to hide behind the curtains.

Find a random

While social media creates the illusion of bringing people together, the Western world is increasingly lonely. Start a conversation with someone in a shop or at the traffic lights. Some old people will spend days without conversing with anyone, so it might brighten up their day if you were to talk to them. You never know who you might meet.

Draw on the pavement

Many shops sell chalk at reasonable prices. With only a few colours you can make an almost endless array of designs or messages on a pavement. A simple hopscotch layout will also give at least five minutes of fun.

Get organised

Remember that cupboard? The one stuffed with things you’re were trying to deal with… Why not go in and remove five items from it. If you haven’t used something for over 15 months, then it’s time for it to go. If not, then find a proper home or use for them. Easy! Eventually, you’ll have an empty cupboard to put your stuff in.

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