Have you heard about Piper yet?

Most of us understand the benefits of moving about more and getting some fresh air. For a start, it’s a mood booster. Exercise of any kind, even a gentle stroll, signals your body to release endorphins, which improve mood and trigger positive feelings. And who doesn’t want that?!  

But, no matter how great you feel after some exercise, getting off the sofa and taking the first step when you have a warming cuppa and Netflix to binge, can take a lot of effort.  Studies have shown that if you make a commitment to exercise with a friend you’re far less likely to bail and reach for the remote.  But we don’t always have friends or family who share our exercise goals or sports interests, and this is where Piper comes in.

Piper is a free website where you can meet like-minded folks who want to get out and about or try new things. Spend 2 minutes creating a profile, and then the match technology will find people in your area who are interested in doing the same things. Send them a message using the secure on-site messaging, and arrange a meet up. From walking to climbing, kayaking to tennis there’ll be somebody out there who’s keen to get out and about with you.  And apart from having a buddy to coax you off the couch, there are many more benefits to exercising with a friend.

  • It’s more fun. You’re less likely to get bored when you’re with a buddy.  Whilst you’re sharing experiences and having a laugh along the way, exercising becomes something you look forward to.  And you can put the world to rights at the same time!
  • You’ll have more choice. Suddenly tennis, badminton or rock climbing become options you might not have been able to consider before.
  • You can be more adventurous. It’s easier to try new things with somebody else. You may just find a new activity you love, one that feels more like fun and less like a workout.
  • You can broaden your mind. Chatting with a new buddy about things you don’t always talk about with your friends, can open you up to new ideas and interests.
  • With Piper, you can specify your level of a particular activity.  Finding somebody who’s similarly active makes us all feel better, and you can spur each other on to get to the next level.  Or not, you can also be comfortable together at the level you’re at.
  • You might go somewhere new.  Your buddy might have a great new walking, running or cycling route you’ve not tried before.

And we also organise group activities including weekly bike rides, summer sea swims and kayaking adventures. So, whatever it is you want to do, go to and find someone near you to share the fun!

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