Just because you are housebound doesn’t mean you should skimp on your fruit and veg

Healthy Diets and Other Good Habits to Help You Finish Online Projects in a Flash

When your living space and office become one and the same, it can often be a challenge to dredge up the required levels of productivity to get you over the line with that long-overdue project or dissertation.

However, rather than constantly bemoaning the fact to your understanding friends and family, why not try to change gear and adopt some of these great tips that are sure to take your efficiency to a whole new level?


When your commute solely consists of you rolling from dribbling on your pillow to plonking yourself in front of a laptop it can be tempting to stay up into the wee small hours on a nightly basis, binging on Netflix or scrolling through social media.

However, it really pays to hit the hay at a reasonable time, allowing your body to wake naturally at an early hour. Who knows, you may even find time before work, or your flat mates waking, to get another few pages or slides of your project in the bank.

All in all, the most important thing is to find a routine that doesn’t involve you wasting the majority of your waking hours due to sleep deprivation or tiredness.


One of the keys to maintaining the correct amount of energy levels and alertness required to engage a long project is to eat and drink correctly.

Caffeine and fat packed snacks are two repeat offenders that consistently hold people back, both providing short term highs which are only followed by productivity crushing lows.

Do away with your Nespresso machine and multipacks of crisps, and instead drink at least a couple of litres of fresh water a day. For example, online poker players spend large amounts of time at their desks and they, like many health experts, recommend making sure you are loading up on vitamin-rich foodstuffs. If you do feel an insatiable urge to snack, then why not invest in a healthy nut mix or some low-fat yoghurts?

Trust us, once you start eating better those synapses will begin sparking and before you know it that project will be moving along quicker than you ever could have imagined.


Allied with a sensible diet, exercise is the key to making sure you keep those pesky aches and pains away, meaning you can focus for longer without having to shift position in your chair or go to make your thousandth cup of tea.

There are lots of excellent free or paid resources for people looking for a variation on their regular exercise routine. Meditation is a great way to centre yourself and focus your mind before diving back into your project. Yoga keeps your body from seizing up after long periods in a sedentary position. Meanwhile, strength exercises keep your body resistant to things like repetitive strain injuries.

Close your eyes, adopt the pose, and let your mind take you wherever it is you want to go


It seems like a cliché at this point, but making and sticking to lists is a great way of ensuring your report or essay covers all the things you want, while also enabling you to keep track of the rest of your life.

Whether you stick a paper list to your fridge or use an app like Wunderlist, this is still one of the best ways to keep everything under control.

Books Instead of Screens

In recent months, many people have been switching their tablet and phone screens off in favour of tried and tested brain relaxers like books.

After beavering away for hours on your project, you owe it to your brain to let it home in on some quality literature because, meditation aside, a good novel is perhaps the best way to whisk yourself off to another world, where the perceived stresses and strains of work and study no longer apply.

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