Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Dogs are a love most the public have in common, especially in Brighton! We all know them for their ever enthusiastic and loyal ways, and adorable faces. Although we love dogs for simply being themselves, they also are useful for more than just pets.

The organisation Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, help train puppies to be helpful companions for those who are deaf (clue is in the title). They help to alert their owners of sounds they would otherwise miss such as alarm clocks, doorbells and even danger signals like fire alarms.

Trained dogs not only assist with alerting their owners of sounds they should be aware of, but can transform the lives of them too. Being deaf can be such an isolating disability, yet with these caring canines, owners can have a new found sense of independence and safety within their lives. As well as acting being a cuddly compadre throughout their time alone.

Hearing dogs have saved many lives, yet matching an owner with a puppy is something that takes time and careful selection – something in which Hearing Dogs for Deaf People also specialises in doing.

This organisation trains hundreds of dogs each year, changing the lives of deaf people for the better. Unfortunately, they are in desperate need of more generous volunteers across the region of Kent, Sussex and South East London. This would be a rewarding duty that would not only entail a fun time working with puppies, but something that would be greatly helping those less fortunate that yourself.

If you feel like giving something back this Christmas, there are lots of different roles available from placing tins in local shops to organising fundraising events and collections.

To find out more about the charity and how you can get involved please email emily.lyle@hearingdogs.org.uk, call Emily on 01844 340695 or visit our website




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