Help Bloom make their songs into a real-life record

Local indie pop outfit Bloom are pushing for pre-orders in order to raise the required funds to record an album. Previously known as ‘The Beautiful Word’, they recorded three DIY albums and played hundreds of live shows together since their formation in January 2007. However, from August 2014 to August 2015, the band took a brief hiatus as lead singer, Megan, recovered from a large vocal cyst. Raring to go again with a new sound and name, they have been playing live shows for the last few months, showcasing their musical growth with fresh material. Having gracefully re-entered the scene, they are looking to explode back onto the map once again by putting together their first ‘Bloom’ release. In order to do this, they hope to raise £3,000 from album pre-orders via Kickstarter.

To pre-order the album visit:

You can catch Bloom supporting Yumi and the Weather at The Hope & Ruin on 19 March. 


Photo credit: Nathalie Hammond

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