Kemptown Carnival is drawing near, but there’s still plenty everyone can do to ensure it’s the best year yet.

Although some of the core funding is in place already, thanks to fundraising events, support from local traders, market stall pitch hire and a successful Arts Council bid, Kemp Town Carnival 2014 faces a shortfall that could leave vital key aspects of the event in jeopardy.

To help make this year’s Carnival happen we are launching a Kickstarter Campaign…and we have a small amount of time to make it work.

The Carnival has until Thu 5 June to raise £3,000, which will ensure this year’s event can take place, so they need your help to do it

One way to help is through their Kick Starter campaign. There are a number of packages, with various benefits, available.

Here’s what you can expect from your support:

Pledge £5 or more

Kemp Town Carnival Post Card Set: A selection of beautiful local images by Brighton Photographers capturing the spirit of Kemp Town Carnival

Pledge £10 or more

Kemp Town Carnival Album: A full 17 track digital download of Brighton’s leading bands, including: Carnival Collective, Resonators, Derriere, Swing Ninjas, Neon Saints, Dende Mountain Firework Company, John Crampton, Fat 45, Cozinha, Monsters Build Mean Robots, and more…

Pledge £20 or more

Kemp Town Carnival T Shirt and Kemp Town Carnival Album download: Look your sharpest for this year’s carnival with the glorious new Kemp Town Carnival 2014 T Shirt. It’s available in S/M/L/XL, it’s high quality, pure cotton and good to wear!

Pledge £50 or more

Kemp Town Carnival VIP Card: This exclusive VIP Card will give you free entry to all the Kemp Town Carnival gigs and events throughout 2014 and up to Carnival 2015. With 6 events already in the pipe line, with more to come, these offer tremendous value, no matter what your musical tastes.

Pledge £100 or more

Become a Patron of Kemp Town Carnival. You get a credit as a patron, alongside other partners and sponsors on the Kemp Town Carnival website, as well as a download of the Best Of Brighton album and T Shirt and VIP entry to all of our future fundraising events and parties this year and next. Plus you get hefty bragging rights everywhere east of The Old Steine.

Pledge £500 or more

King/Queen just for one day. For a £500 pledge two people will be crowned King & Queen (King & King, Queen & Queen) of this year’s Kemp Town Carnival. We will dress you in regal splendour and you will be led by the carnival parade to the main stage where Suzanne Mehdi, last year’s Carnival Queen, will crown you in a ceremony of a lifetime

By supporting the Carnival through this Kickstarter Campaign you will play a vital role in making this annual event happen again and help secure its place in the annual Brighton calendar

For more details, or even a generous donation, go to Kemp Town Carnival’s Kickstarter page.