HeyHub comes to the App Store

HeyHub is an innovative new app now available on the iOS and Android App Stores. Its aim? To help you get involved with people in your location in the easiest way possible.

HeyHub brings people together. HeyHub wants people to share experiences with others. HeyHub wants to connect you with those around you. It does this by creating communities – or Hubs – wherever you are. Whether it’s your favourite music venue, the restaurant you always eat at, or even your university, you can get involved, share your experiences for others to discover or just have fun. HeyHub revolves around experiences, meeting new people and connecting with those that you otherwise, may not have.

You can only post to a location’s Hub if you are there; meaning conversations are always with people local to you and who share similar interests. But we also know that it’s the friends you make and keep that are important too – so once you’ve messaged someone directly, you can talk to them through the app, regardless of your location.

You can bring people into your world by creating personal stories made up of 10-20 second videos or photos, then edit them by drawing or adding text to them to enhance your creative expression. When someone discovers your story, they can express themselves by reacting to it, inspiring a natural flow of conversation. Every time you share a part of your life, you will automatically be helping others in your city to discover the best experiences.

Over the next few months, HeyHub are going to be working with Wild Life Festival, Brighton Pier and an abundance of other individuals, events and businesses.

Join in the journey and get involved.


“Brighton is such a great city filled with exciting people, interesting food and hidden treasures – and it’s so nice to be able to share my experience of the city as a blogger. Using videos is so much more immersive than pictures or text, which allows my followers to feel like they’re really in the moment with me!”

– Ali Helmsley, Influencer for HeyHub and Brighton Blogger

“As part of the Brighton blogging community, I am really enjoying exploring new ways of sharing my experiences in Brighton through video. HeyHub is very community-focused so it’s an ideal app for sharing Brighton-centric experiences.”

– Natalie Edge, Influencer for HeyHub and Brighton Blogger

“Being an influencer for HeyHub has been great to showcase my experience as a skateboarder through video. There is such a good skate scene in Brighton and it’s great that HeyHub offers a platform to showcase our community.”

– Daniel Fisher-Eustance, Influencer for HeyHub



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