Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks | Theatre Royal, Brighton | 13 April 2016

I was excited to be invited to review ‘Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks’, embracing the opportunity to do something fun with my younger sister, once a huge fan of the televised show, who it is worth pointing out is not quite a teen but very almost there.

Having no experience of Horrible Histories, I entered the theatre with limited expectations; I didn’t know where or how the ‘horrible’ and the ‘history’ would be married together to create something engaging and educational, albeit I was eager to find out.

The show was packed with historical facts delivered in what I now know to be ‘Horrible Histories’ fun and risqué style, some moments far more cheeky than others.  Positively littered with enough smutty jokes to hold the interest of parents and carers, we were taken on a lively historical journey through the Greek ages. I also loved the use of cultural references which were cleverly embedded throughout the show, again something I now know to be typical of ‘Horrible Histories’ approach to making history accessible and fun.

The four actors held the stage and the attention of the audience well and whilst each offered a fantastic performance, the standout performances came from Evelyn Adams and Elliott Fitzpatrick, who provided the ultimate wide grinned jazz hands vibe one comes to expect at the theatre (and secretly loves.)

Regular audience participation kept the younger spectators excited, enthralled and engaged – it was a particularly sweet moment when a child who was clearly Horrible Histories’ number one fan was invited on stage to play the part of a patient.

The use of 3D visuals after the interval took the production and acting ability of the cast up a notch, completely changing the pace and quality of the production, it is understandable why they saved this until the second half.

Being of Persian descent it was difficult to enjoy the blood thirsty battle that took place before us! The boat scenes however were rather brilliant. Through the corner of my eye I kept close watch on my theatre companion’s reactions to the show, trying to gauge whether or not she was impressed. Unquestionably the 3D visuals or pièce de résistance as I would like to call it had left her utterly gob smacked and so much more than impressed.

A wonderful show for both adults and children to enjoy together whilst learning and laughing too – now there’s a winning combination!

Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders are on tour until 16 July 2016 buy tickets at the links below:



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