Horror films meet food at KinoVino’s Halloween Special

KinoVino are bringing something extra special to Brighton for Halloween week, a film, food and wine experience to spook you and satisfy your taste buds at the same time!

KinoVino, created by Alissa Timoshkina, is a project which brings together cinema, food and wine, creating a variety of events which aim to enhance your appreciation of film and stimulate both your creativity and your taste buds. The aim is to take film one step, beyond the likes of 3D, by adding texture, flavour and the scent of food and drinks to your experience to see if a film can alter the way the food tastes and vice versa. Each event includes a special guest and a skilled chef who will create a unique feast, made with love and passion.

For this Halloween special, you’ll experience a luscious multi-course dinner inspired by the cult art house horror “Don’t Look Now” (Nicolas Roeg, 1973) in an eerie, water-clad environment inspired by one of the most enigmatic, cinematic cities – Venezia. The setting has been created by Ksenia Vashchenko of Cutline Collective who are a costume and art department collective based in London.

Celebrate Venetian food and wine, and the cinematic imprint of the city, with Venice-born actress, Susanna Cappellaro Cohen, who will curate an authentic regional feast just for you.

This event takes place at Cafe Noor in Brighton, a brand new cafe owned by Alexandra Kharibian, home to a vibrant fusion of spices/foods/wine from the ancient trail of the silk road in the Caucasus region.

Be haunted and inspired by the gastronomic and the cinematic legacies of the beautiful Venezia and stimulate all of your senses this Halloween!

KinoVino’s Halloween Special will take place at Cafe Noor, Brighton on Oct 24, 6pm, tickets £30 pp.

There are only 30 tickets available for this intimate event so snap them up quick here! – kinovinovenice.eventzilla.net




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