Hospital-inspired cartoon on display at Pride exhibition

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and for one radio presenter and cartoonist from Brighton, the silver lining to a serious accident was rediscovering her love of cartooning.

Queen Josephine, who broadcasts on Radio Reverb, suffered serious injuries including a fractured skull and broken arm in an accident on Boxing Day 2013, and whilst recovering at Royal Sussex County Hospital created a cartoon strip called Ouch House Diaries.

With her drawing arm fractured in three places, Queen Josephine worked largely left-handed to create her cartoons, which used honesty and humour to document the trails, tribulations and occasional humiliations of her sick bed. Queen Josephine’s adventures soon gained followers as she shared her Ouch House Diaries on social media, Tumblr and Queenie’s Strip Service, which appeared in Brighton’s GScene Magazine.

Now Queen Josephine will be showcasing the most recent development of her artwork, an A2 cartoon that features all of the real-life characters that made it into the Ouch House Diaries.

Named The Ouch House 200, it will be part of the Duke Of Norfolk’s Brighton Pride fundraising Community Art Show Pride Edition exhibition, and will feature alongside the work of other artists from the city’s diverse LGBTQ community.

Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200
Duke Of Norfolk’s Community Art Show Pride Edition and exhibition
113-114 Western Road, Brighton BN1 2AB
July 25th – August 21st 2015

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