bingo at home

Hosting your very own bingo night at home

While traditional bingo halls have been the place to enjoy a spot of bingo with friends, why not enjoy the fun and games at home? Get in your pyjamas, buy your favourite party food and get the drinks flowing as you prepare to become the host with the most.

In this article, we’ll be offering our top tips on how to host your very own bingo night from the comfort of your own home.

Invite your friends

It’s not a proper bingo night without other players, and who better to play with than your bingo-loving friends?

You could simply send them a text or create a group chat to discuss your bingo party plans. Or go all-out and get creative by sending out physical invitations to get everyone super excited.

Remember to give people plenty of notice so they can make the appropriate arrangements, ensuring your bingo night has a full house!

Getting the right equipment

You can’t host a bingo night without the right equipment. You’ll need a bingo machine, balls, dabbers and bingo cards to get the party started. You can easily buy everything you need online or consider making your own. For instance, buy some inexpensive ping pong balls and draw your own numbers.

For a more convenient option, you could play online or download a bingo app. Ensure your friends bring along their phones or tablets and start playing!

Choose a theme

Make your bingo night unique by hosting a particular theme. This could be as simple as designing themed bingo cards or asking your guests to dress up for the gameplay.

You could keep your theme seasonal to celebrate Christmas or Halloween. Or think outside the box with a 70s theme, a Vegas casino theme or a red-carpet glam theme.

Whether you’re playing in-person or online, consider buying prizes for the winners. They don’t have to be anything too fancy – just a small box of chocolates or a plastic trophy.

Food and drink

Your guests will certainly be hungry, so buying party food for the night is a must. You don’t have to cook up a three-course meal – just simple finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza and crisps will do the job nicely.

Check with your guests about any dietary requirements or preferences. There must be something for everyone at the table!

Create a playlist

A party isn’t a party without a winning playlist. Enhance the atmosphere by making a playlist that focuses on celebration and having fun.

It’s worth asking your guests if they have any personal requests to ensure everyone remains happy! Once the bingo is over, enjoy a dance party in the living room and continue into the night.

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