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How COVID has Pushed Digitization & Mobile Services in the Auto Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the automotive industry heavily (much like most industries), but it has also forced entrepreneurial spirit which has led to a number of developments that may have changed and improved the industry for good. Most noticeably, this involves the rise of digitization and mobile services that can allow dealerships, garages and other businesses to continue during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Disruption

The auto industry has historically been one where most business is carried out face-to-face. Obviously, this has not been possible during the pandemic with many auto businesses forced to close during lockdowns and the pandemic even led to MOT extensions in a bid to reduce transmission. Consequently, businesses have had to adapt and implement new processes and strategies that can help them to manage during this unique time and could help them to thrive even after the pandemic has ended.

Buying Cars Online

One of the best examples of this is being able to buy a car online. Dealerships have had to improve the online experience for customers by providing a virtual showroom where they can browse stock, see professional photographs and videos and even make a purchase online with click and collect or a delivery service. Car dealerships have since reopened, but many people will still use this service as it can be so convenient.

Buying Parts Online

It is not just cars that people are buying online now either as there has been a rise in people buying their own car parts and completing their own maintenance themselves. Many people look to buy car tyres online and then change them at home, which is obviously safer in terms of the pandemic but could also help people to save money and learn how to keep their car in good condition.

Mobile Services

Online car servicing and maintenance is another area that has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic with one end-to-end online car maintenance service provider reporting a staggering year-on-year net revenue growth of 200%. These mobile services involve mechanics coming to your home to carry out repairs and maintenance with a contact-free experience. These services could remain popular even after the pandemic as they can be much more convenient than taking your vehicle to a garage and waiting around, plus this also has the potential to reduce operating costs for businesses as they could downsize or even go without a main work site.

It has been a challenging period for businesses in the auto industry during the coronavirus pandemic, but it has also led to innovative new processes and solutions that have enabled businesses to stay afloat and kept motorists happy while still protecting public health.

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