Travel in 2020

How has Covid19 changed travelling abroad this summer?

Dreams of sipping sangria by a pool somewhere hot this summer may have been put on hold, but it seems that all is not lost entirely. Although many of us have had to cancel our summer holidays abroad, some of us may still get an opportunity to get some international sun in 2020.

There is no doubt that the travel industry has taken a huge hit during the Coronavirus pandemic, with airlines having to halt all flights and holiday companies having to offer mass refunds. With the industry pushing to get travel restrictions relaxed, and the government attempting to keep the virus under control, it’s been a battle between both parties. But there seems to be slow a shift in the UK government’s guidelines.

According to the government website, following the 4th of July, the government restrictions were softened and they will now allow travel to certain countries and territories that no longer pose a risk from the virus. This list of destinations includes; Italy, France, and the Caribbean. However, the government still discourages cruise ship travel for the foreseeable future to limit large groups of people in confined spaces. To avoid issues with travel, be sure to check this list of locations before you book any trips abroad.

Airplane travel
Airplane Travel

In addition, you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days when you return to the UK from any abroad travel. This aims to stop the spread of the virus internationally and attempts to keep the infection rate on the same steady reduction as it is currently. However, a weeks holiday in Spain now leads to three weeks off work. Is it worth it? The government also requires that you give them your journey and contact details 48 hours before you return to the country. This allows them to highlight any concerns they have with the risk you may pose to the spread of the virus.

Although there are some strict precautions in place to limit the spread of the virus and to protect us all, the travel industry is slowly being opened up again. Sitting on a crowded plane is likely to feel a little daunting for lots of us at the moment, but we have to trust that our safety is the top priority. It’s very exciting that some of us might actually be able to jet off to somewhere hot this summer after all.

Find out more about the current travel restrictions on the government’s official website.

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