How Models Contributes on Trade Shows

Promotional models can add value and greatly benefit any business, but many people are usually hesitant about that idea. For many, promotional models are seen as a part of the window dressing strategy—they are good looking people who attract clients solely through their looks. In fact, this stereotype has proved to be inaccurate in many cases.

Promotional models are actually hired professional who helps you promote your business, network, communicate with people, and give a friendly face to your brand at events and trade shows.

If you are wondering whether you should hire a professional model, the truth is many companies can greatly benefit from getting help from those professional staff at their promotional events or trade shows.

Here’s how:

They increase attendance

If you want to increase the flow of attendees at your booth, models are capable of doing so. Professional models are usually college graduates who are very articulate and have high communication skills. They can attract attention, communicate with people, respond to their inquiries, do demonstrations, and hand out promotional materials. They can also increase the level of interaction by running trade show games, passing out product samples, or hosting social media campaigns.

If you are planning your next trade show or event in Las Vegas, consider contacting Live Talent, an agency that can provide you with a variety of well-trained and professional promotional models. This way, you will be able to reach double the audience in an effective and efficient manner and increase traffic at your booth, thereby getting more people to notice your brand.

The market your brand while your employees are busy

At a typical trade show, the staff from the exhibiting company is usually busy discussing technical specifications, qualifying leads, and even sometimes closing deals on the spot. While your employees are kept busy, professional models can draw attention by engaging people in conversations to keep them interested. They will ensure that any potential customer doesn’t walk away because your employees are busy with other customers.

Moreover, not many employees will have to leave the office to attend trade shows. Although at least one person from the company should attend the trade show or event, the number of your employees that will have to leave the office can drastically go down if you hire promotional models. This way, you will not have to deal with unproductive working days, reschedule meetings, or miss calls and emails during the period of the trade show.

They humanize your product


Professional models will represent your product and give it a face. This is actually very good for your brand image and sales, as every product needs a human face to make it resonate with potential customers. As every product serves a human need, it helps to have a human visibly associated with it. Models help customers relate to the products on display by showing the attendees a blender, a mobile phone, or a car being used by attractive and successful people.

They lower your expenses

Hiring professional models is not expensive and is actually a smart way for companies to lower their expenses and save money. When your company is attending or organizing a trade show out of town, you will have several expenses that you’ll have to cover for your employees. Out-of-town or far away events will mean that you are paying for your employees’ accommodation and transportation unlike most of the promotional models that are hired by agencies to attend their local trade shows.

They can represent your business at different kinds of events

Promotional models can easily come and work at different kinds of events and locations. Whether you want to represent your brand at trade shows, media events, gatherings, festivals, or sports events; you will be able to find the right models that can professionally represent your brand.

How can you make sure that your promotional models are going to succeed?

However, in order to achieve your business goals and targets, you have to be very careful when you are choosing the people who will represent and market your brand. Your promotional models should have several qualities in order to garner more positive attention towards your brand. Make sure that you are selecting educated, articulate, respectful, as well as engaging and charismatic personalities. Moreover, you should always take the time needed to train your promotional models in the basics of your company and its products to make sure they are well informed about your business.

So don’t let the “booth babe” stereotype affect your decision to hire promotional models. In fact, they can strongly represent your company, build strong customer relationships, and ensure your clients a memorable experience that they will never forget.

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