Dress for job interview

How Should I Dress for a Job Interview?

When you are looking for a new place of employment, you may want to ensure that you stand out above any other applying candidates. Taking the time to polish your CV, and form a good cover letter, can help in the beginning. However, a hiring company may then want you to attend a job interview, either in person or via a video call, so that they can ask you questions directly and get a better feel for who you are as a person. One of the important factors, prior to an interview, can be to make sure that you look the part.

Looking good for a job interview can be somewhat similar to dressing up for a formal event. You may want to show the interviewing panel that you not only have the correct skills to undertake the role but that you can also represent the company well with your appearance. Accessories can be a big part of this. You may want to choose items that as smart and understated. Anything gaudy or large may look out of place. A Pearl necklace can be a great sign of elegance, and look quite smart alongside a fitted blouse. While pearl jewellery can be fairly pricey, it is also possible to find gorgeous statement pieces for a lower budget, which can be helpful for those on a limited income.

While you may feel like you should wear high heels for a job interview, this may not be the case. More and more women are speaking out against needing to wear heels in the workplace, and other items of clothing, that their male counterparts may not be subject to. Rather than torturing yourself in footwear that you find uncomfortable, or cannot safely walk in, you may want to consider other items instead. Generally, opting for smart shoes can be seen as a good idea. You might also want to make sure that they have been polished to a high standard prior to your interview, and that they match well with your chosen outfit.

If the company has decided to conduct your interview via a video call, it could be tempting for you to wear smart items on your top half, and keep your pyjamas on your legs. While some people may choose to do this, you may want to reconsider. Should your camera fall over, or you need to stand up, the ruse would then be uncovered. You may also be able to get into a better interview mindset if you have gone through the motions of getting ready properly.

There may be other last-minute adjustments you can make with your appearance on the day of the interview. Ensuring that your outfit is clean and ironed and that any hair or makeup looks smart, could help to properly round out the way you look. From here, it may then be up to what you say, and how you answer the questions, regarding whether you get that job offer you have been seeking.

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