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How Technology is Helping UK Gamblers to Bet

Betting is a pastime that many people enjoy. The gambling industry has millions of players who place bets on the sports and events they love. However, behind the industry, much of the success has been down to the way it has implemented technology.

The betting industry has always been open to ideas and ways it can improve the service on offer. Three aspects of their service have been introduced in recent years, each one of them thanks to advancements in technology.

Mobile betting, live streaming and live betting have all been introduced and many punters have taken advantage of at lease one of them, some people will no doubt have used all three.

If you gamble and you haven’t taken advantage of these advancements then the chances are that you will do in the near future, as the gambling industry continues to build foundations on technological ideas.

Mobile Betting

This is without a doubt something that gives gamblers the ultimate convenience. First we have a time when the only way to bet was to go to your local betting shop.

Then, we moved to online and telephone betting where you could place bets from the comfort of your own home.

Now, we are at a stage where mobile betting is taking over, and you can place these bets from anywhere. Technology is helping every kind of mobile gambling, and players are taking advantage of it.

The technology used to create smart phones and faster internet speeds has played a part here, allowing bookmakers to offer this kind of service. Without those, we wouldn’t have the gadgets or internet connections to be able to bet how and when we want using a mobile.

Live Streaming

For some punters, betting is only something they do when they are able to watch the game or event take place.

We have seen this over many years, for example televised horse racing and Premier League games are a lot more popular with punters than those not covered on TV.

Bookmakers wanted to improve their income, so to do that they offered a way to watch more games.

The top bookmakers created their own live streaming service where you could watch games live on their website. This saw a number of new players heading to sites providing live streams and these bookmakers offering generous bonuses to those who signed up with them.

The rest had to follow suit, and that is why we have such a large number of bookmakers offering a live streaming service to their players.

Live Betting

If you want to take full advantage of live streaming then the way to do that is to also offer live betting. These are two separate developments that bookmakers have made, but they now come hand in hand.

There is little point to a bookmaker offering live streaming if they don’t also offer live betting. They also know that live betting is far more popular if it has a live stream connected to it, so that people can watch the action while betting.

Data feeds from the games taking place and fast internet is what is required to run a live betting service, two advancements that the betting industry use on a regular basis to improve their service.

The top providers offer extensive live betting opportunities and they have a number of odds compilers who create as many betting markets as possible to go inside the games that are taking place.

Punters want choice, and when it comes to live betting, we have certainly been given that by the bookmakers.

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