Celebrate the Birth of a New Child

How to Celebrate the Birth of a New Child in Your Extended Family

A new baby joining an extended family is a joyous occasion worth celebrating. When a niece, nephew, cousin, or grandchild is born, it presents a chance for relatives to come together and commemorate the new life. Marking this milestone by creating special memories can bring families closer. There are many creative ways for extended families to rejoice over the latest addition.

Send Congratulations and Well Wishes

One of the first things you’ll want to do is send your congratulations and well wishes to the new parents. If you can’t be there in person immediately, send a card, flowers or gift basket to let them know you’re thinking of them. Consider sending something useful like nappies, baby wipes or nursing supplies that every new parent needs. You can make your message more personal by sending a handwritten note sharing your excitement about meeting the new baby soon. If the parents have registered for baby gifts, purchasing something off their registry is always appreciated.

Don’t forget a sweet new baby congratulations message like “Twin Baby Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet the little ones!” or “Warmest congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! We’re so excited for you!”

Visit the New Baby

Once the initial flurry of the birth has passed, ask to visit the newborn if you live nearby. Call ahead to see if the parents are up for guests and when a good time would be. Keep the visit short, no more than an hour, since the new parents will be exhausted. This is not the time for a long catch-up session – the focus should be on meeting the baby, giving a gift if you have one and lending a hand if needed. Offer to help around the house by bringing a meal, doing light chores or running errands. New parents never turn down home-cooked food!

If you will be holding the baby, make sure your hands and clothes are clean and give the baby back immediately if they seem fussy. Refrain from visiting if anyone is sick to reduce the baby’s exposure to germs. And, of course, sneak in lots of baby cuddles and photos during your visit!

Give a Meaningful Gift

A well-chosen gift shows your love for the new arrival. If you’ll be visiting, consider taking something for the baby, like clothes, toys, books or keepsakes. Handmade blankets and other items are especially heartwarming. You could also get something for the new parents, like a parenting book, food delivery gift card, robe or family photo session. Gift cards for restaurants, housecleaning services and spas help new parents pamper themselves during this hectic time.

For a long-lasting gift, start a university fund or savings bond in the baby’s name. Or purchase them a special piece of jewellery, like engraved bangles or charm bracelets, to be passed down someday. A classic baby book or handprint/footprint kit lets parents capture precious memories.

If you’re close to the new mum, postpartum care baskets make excellent gifts, too. Fill them with mesh underwear, soothing perineal sprays, herbal teas, nipple cream, and other items to support her physical recovery.

Help Out from Afar

If you live far away, find other ways to celebrate from a distance. Send a box of homemade frozen meals or treats the family can heat up on busy days. Gift certificates for food or meal delivery services are handy, too. You could provide childcare relief by giving the parents a night off by hiring a local babysitter for them.

Set up a Meal Train or online fundraiser to arrange meals or collect money for additional support. If you can’t visit, try a video call to “meet” the baby and catch up with the parents virtually. Send along a sweet pair of baby booties or a lovey as a special surprise during the call.

Celebrate from Afar with a Shower

Hosting a “sprinkle” – a small baby shower held after the birth – is perfect for distant relatives and friends. It allows everyone to celebrate the baby even if they couldn’t attend the first shower. Have guests send gifts and notes ahead of time, then open them together over video chat. Do a themed decor to match the new nursery or the baby’s gender. Play classic shower games virtually by screen-sharing baby photos for guests to guess or sending multiple-choice quizzes. Order a sweet cake decorated with the baby’s name or footprints so guests can enjoy the excitement from anywhere.

The birth of a new baby is a joyful reason to bring your extended family together. Follow these tips to celebrate the new child, support the parents and create wonderful memories. The baby will be blessed to have so many loved ones happy to welcome them into the family!

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