How to Cope with the Heat When Camping

How to Cope with the Heat When Camping

If you are finding it hard to cope with the heat when camping, then you are not alone. So many people are in the same situation as you right now, but it is possible for you to turn things around if you simply take the right steps. If you want to find out more, then take a look below.

Check the Weather

If the weather says that it isn’t going to rain, then remove the rainfly, as this gives the heat and moisture in the air a chance to escape. This can make a huge difference in the summer months, and it helps you to stay cool as well. You need to remember that at night, your hot breath will condense, and it will go on the inside of the rain fly. If the weather doesn’t call for any rain, then removing this will mean that the air can circulate, and this will make it much easier for you to stay cool. Make sure that you keep it to hand, though, because if you don’t, then you may find that it is harder for you to stay dry if the rain does start.

Choose a Mesh Tent

Mesh tents are great for when you go camping. The fine mesh walls will stop any biting insects, and it will also allow any breeze to pass through. This gives you the best of both worlds, and it also means that you will be able to take advantage of any warm-weather camping gear you might have. If you are going camping in the summer, then it is wise for you to choose a tent that has mesh walls. All tents come with a floor that can extend up each wall, and even though this will block the breeze, it will also protect you from any raindrops on the floor. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about choosing a tent that has too much mesh.

Think about a Camper

If you want to have the best camping experience yet, then one thing you can do is think about staying in a camper. When you stay in a camper, you will soon find that you can go to bed whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about rain or anything else of the sort. If you want to make the most out of your camping experience, then why not explore the idea of motorhome hire Scotland? When you do, you can then see everything you want to see, with all of the comforts of home from home.

Get a Fan

Portable fans are ideal for providing a cooling breeze that runs throughout the night. A good camping fan will be super lightweight, and it will also be quiet and portable. You will be able to attach it to the tent’s floor, ceiling or wall. Find a fan that comes with foam blades because you are going to be using it in very close quarters. When you have been able to experience the pleasures of having a small portable fan, you will never leave without it, so keep this in mind.

Sleep in a Hammock

Hammock camping is a whole new experience. If you have a few trees that you can tie a hammock on, then this is a great way for you to get full air circulation. You can also have a full view of the world that is around you as well. One of the main drawbacks of this kind of camping is that it can be cold if the temperature drops or if there is a stiff breeze. One thing you can do is make sure that you buy a hammock that is suitable for sleeping and not lounging. A good hammock has a lot of fabric that you can stretch in and out, so you can handle any conditions with ease. Regarding insects, try and make sure that you use some bug spray and that you use a bug net.

Hydration is Important

Hydration is crucial if you want to stay cool and safe when on a camping trip. Water has a very high heat value. This means that it takes a great deal of energy to change the temperature. This is why water is such a great substitute for coolant in your car radiator. One thing to take note of here is that water is a coolant. Your body is made up of around 60% water, so it’s one of the best ways to stay cool when camping.

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