windowless room

How to Decorate Windowless Living Spaces

Even though it is nice to have natural light reflecting around your home, the placement of some rooms or areas may mean that there are no windows in these spaces. Due to this, it will be down to you to figure out the best ways of making these areas seem brighter, and to make compromises on the design. You need to make use of the space you have, to maximise your enjoyment of your home. This can also be achieved without needing to knock through into adjacent rooms, which can significantly cut down on both the amount of work required, as well as the costs associated with achieving good results.


The lighting you choose to use in a windowless living space can make a drastic difference to how bright the area feels. Rather than choosing hanging lights, especially those with dark or enclosed lampshades, it can be better to opt for integrated units that sit within the ceiling itself. This can help to increase the amount of space in the area overall, while still providing that much-needed light. In addition to this, you can use LED spotlight bulbs within these fittings, which will give you a great source of light, and last a lot longer than traditional halogen or fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs also greatly reduce your electricity bills in the long term, due to less output required.


You might not consider using mirrors in rooms that aren’t used as bedrooms, dressing rooms, or bathrooms, but they can still have a valuable role within other spaces. Rather than just viewing them as a means of checking your reflection, they can also create the illusion of a window, by allowing more light to reflect around the room. The placement and shape of the mirror can also adjust how the room appears to the naked eye. Tall mirrors are more likely to make a room seem taller too, while long mirrors placed horizontally can create a feeling that the room is wider than it actually is.

Less is More

When it comes to placing furniture in these living spaces, it is best to reduce the number of items so that the area does not feel overly cluttered. The furniture and decorative pieces you do use should also be fairly light in colour, otherwise, it can also make the room feel enclosed. Placing pieces strategically, making the most of floor and wall space, as well as utilising any storage solutions, such as cupboards or drawers, within this area can also help to keep the place tidy and open.

Having windowless rooms and spaces in your home doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to darkness or feeling like the space is cramped. By considering how you wish to use this space, such as a cloakroom, office, or even a simple hallway, you can figure out what essentials need to be placed within it, as well as the ways in which you can decorate the space to maximise its potential.

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