Business Travel

How to enjoy business travel in the UK

Business travel can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the world, immerse yourself in diverse cultures and try new experiences you usually wouldn’t be able to. This is particularly true if you’re lucky enough to travel internationally for business matters, where you can fly to different corners of the world with the financial support of your employer. Unfortunately, some business travellers are confined to British shores which can be a little less exciting. You may have to travel to Birmingham on a sales call, or venture to the capital for an important client meeting. Wherever you must go in the UK, how can you enjoy your travels more?

Mix up your travel methods and routes

If time and efficiency aren’t the priority for a certain trip, why not change up how you travel and by which route. Instead of driving on the motorway for hours, you could take the train so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the British countryside out of the window. If you drive a particular route every time your travel somewhere regularly, why not try a different route to see some new surroundings on your journey? The more you can think outside of the box, the more you may be able to enjoy the process.

Upgrade your accommodation

Are you tired of cramped or outdated hotels? One way to bring new excitement and enjoyment to business travel in the UK is to upgrade your accommodation occasionally. Trade in a basic hotel room for one of the many luxury serviced apartments in London if you are spending a week in the capital. Not only can it supply more enjoyment for your trip, but you may also perform better in business proceedings.

Make better use of your travel time

The time you spend travelling from one place to another is inescapable and necessary – but that doesn’t mean it should be time wasted. Make better use of your travel time by relaxing, developing yourself or gaining new knowledge. This can be done with any form of transport – for example, you could listen to podcasts or an audiobook while driving, on the train or in flight. Or you can read, watch a film or catch up on some work if you are travelling on public transport. If you can find a way to use your travel time more effectively, you should be able to motivate and enjoy yourself more.

Try new experiences in your down time

Business travel should be more than simply travelling time and business meetings. Using your downtime strategically may help you to enjoy the entire process more. Rather than going back to your serviced apartment or hotel after your working day is done, you can use that time to immerse yourself in your surroundings and to experience new things. Explore the culinary scene around you or have a walk to a local landmark. You could enjoy a drink with a colleague in a bar or pub, or see a show at a local theatre. The possibilities are endless.

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