How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep to Feel Energised Every Morning

When you have a busy lifestyle, there’s nothing worse than not being able to get enough sleep. Gradually you have less energy and feel lethargic at work in the afternoon or fall asleep in front of the TV in the evening. Exhaustion can quickly set in when the issues causing you multiple restless nights are not quickly addressed.

Here are some tips on how to get a better night’s rest.

Is It Too Bright in the Bedroom?

Light sources on the landing can bleed into the bedroom and keep you awake. Even leaving an ensuite bathroom light on with the door slightly ajar is enough to not allow you to drift off. Make a point of looking for all artificial light sources and eliminate them. Try wearing an eye mask like some passengers do on flights to sleep better too.

Are you using your smartphone before bedtime? We’ve gotten into the habit in the UK of reading from our phones, updating our social media or catching some YouTube videos before going to bed. Unfortunately, the blue light in the display makes it difficult to sleep properly. Use a mobile app to remove the blue hue from the screen to avoid this.

Is Your Mattress Too Old?

If your mattress is showing its age, it’ll have indentations or may dip on one side. When rolling around on this type of mattress, it will never feel comfortable. Whether it’s memory foam that’s now too inflexible or an innerspring one with springs poking through in all the wrong places, it’s just uncomfortable. Once a mattress starts to become a problem, there’s no good way to fix it either.

Purchasing a new mattress that suits your regular sleeping posture is the best idea. If you’re a stomach sleeper, then a deeper mattress will offer more support. Side or back sleepers can generally manage with a thinner one. A pillow top mattress is perhaps the most comfortable of all. In hotter climates, memory foam tends to be too warm; an innerspring model will be cooler and more supportive.

What do you do with your aging mattress? Well, if you visit you can utilise their ‘Recycle Your Mattress’ tool which will simplify the process for you. All you have to do is insert your postcode and you can organise a collection from there.

Steer Clear of Caffeinated Drinks

Taking in that late-night cup of coffee or a fizzy drink that contains a jolt of caffeine is likely to keep you awake.

It’s easy to consume an extra beverage without realising what it contains. Caffeine stops your brain signalling to you that you feel tired and doesn’t let you sleep. It has a half-life of over 5 hours too.

Consume some still water or a malt-based chocolate drink instead if you need something warm shortly before bedtime.

Avoid Alcohol

It may feel like alcohol helps you get to sleep more quickly, but this is just an illusion.

Alcohol increases the chances of interrupted or disruptive sleep, snoring issues, and changes the melatonin levels in your body, which regulates your body’s natural rhythms.

By making a few changes to your sleep environment and patterns of behaviour, it’s possible to significantly improve your likelihood of a relaxed night of sleep. Try a few different things to discover what works best for your body.

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