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How to keep your car tyres safe and maintained

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a car tyre. Poor maintenance, minor accidents and the continual stop and start motion, all create wear. With the right care and attention to the tyres, you can increase longevity and have a smooth driving experience coupled with a better fuel economy.

Prolonging wear won’t stop it altogether so the owner should also think about the vehicle type and overall speed. Any tire clocking in over 50,000km should be checked and replaced as standard.

Before learning about the care and maintenance of tyres it is useful to understand the functions of tyres in vehicles. Some of the important functions performed by the tyres are:

  • Provide movement to the vehicle being part of the transmission system
  • Help in the maneuver of the vehicle being also part of the suspension system
  • Absorbing shocks
  • Provide stability to the vehicle
  • Help in the application of brakes when required

It may be noted that tyres perform a very crucial role in the operation of a vehicle and therefore merit the best of maintenance for the safety and security of the vehicle as well as of passengers.

Tyre maintenance is basically done at two levels i.e. by the owner and by the technicians in a garage or workshop.

At the owner level, a tyre log must be maintained which should contain data regarding date of purchase and commissioning of tyres, dates of wheel balancing and wheel alignment, and record of wheel rotation etc.

The other responsibilities of the owner regarding tyre care are:

  1. Checking Tyre pressure every day including visual inspection for any damage
  2. Keeping tyres clean at all times
  3. Avoid driving through rough and rocky surfaces
  4. Ensure the periodical rotation of tyres for even wear and tear
  5. Never drive vehicles with low air pressure tyres
  6. Always ensure availability of a spare tyre in the vehicle
  7. Never keep your vehicle parked for a longer duration on tyres
  8. All tyres in a vehicle must be of the same sizes and specifications

Some of the tyre maintenance jobs may be beyond the capability of the owner for which a visit to garage or workshop may be warranted. Maintenance jobs for which technical support may be needed include some or all of the following:

  1. Low air pressure in tyres. This may be ascertained through visible inspection or use of air pressure gage
  2. Punctured tyres
  3. Repair of tyres e.g. buffing and polishing etc.
  4. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment
  5. Tyre rotation

As it has been seen that tyres perform not only crucial operational functions for a vehicle, they are equally important for the safety and life of the passengers in the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to wisely select suitable tyres for your vehicle. If you live in or near Headley, you can select the right pair of tyres for your car and get them fitted locally at Headley Tyres, Basingstoke branch.

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